5 Best Platforms To Market Your New Ebook

Recently, my father wrote a ebook with a collection of his own poems. He is a wonderful poet who has been able to truly amass a large audience online. With my help, we were able to put all his poems into a ebook that is now being sold on the Kindle store. This lead me to create this new blog post that focuses on marketing your passion through a ebook and the best platforms to get the job done.

Ebooks are extremely popular and have been around for some time now. Some say this style of book will take over the reading market in the future, which seems like a obvious prediction. We are constantly on our phones reading different articles and newsletters so why not books? Well today I would like to help out those who would like to turn their dream of making a ebook and marketing it online, a reality!

So where can you market a ebook? What are some great platforms that offer the best means for growth and attention? We will walk you through it all in this post starting with Facebook.

Marketing Your Ebook With Groups, Pages & More On Facebook

Facebook is a massive platform for growth and has been around since the Zuck created it back at Harvard. It’s a wonderful platform and business that now has amassed billions of followers. The great thing about Facebook is its ability to give you so many different options to actually market yourself on the platform.

For me, Facebook is the best place to build a community online. They give you groups, pages, and more to actually make a impact on people’s lives but not only that, they give you the ability to find like minded people. It’s so crazy how much you don’t know about Facebook in 2021. I’m still figuring it all out myself. Below I will break down some of the features that I feel might help someone with a ebook.

Use stories, post, and comment sections

Stories will allow you to advertise on the platform from the jump. When you finally get that upload approval, it’s so important to actually advertise on these three places. You get the chance to actually give people the ability to receive your content and truly engage with you while providing valuable feedback. If you have a ebook you can even change your banner on your page to advertise that same ebook. Lastly, make a post about it. It’s the easiest way to actually get the word out to your audience. If you don’t have a large audience then see the other options below.

Make a Facebook Group

Check out a new group I just started on Facebook! In this group, I would like to talk about news inside the alternative property space! What’s new with earthships? What’s new with 3D homes? Let’s discuss.

Make a Facebook group that doesn’t all encompass your poetry book but gives you a community that will actually interact with you about your interest. Today I made a group and it’s cost me about 10 mins of my time. Literally all you need is a banner which you can make on photopea for free and then from there you get your words out. This Facebook group will be for those who really have a interest and would like to gain a audience, feedback and share information with like minded individuals!

Make a Facebook Page

If you have a blog or any content that you would like people to know about, Facebook gives you that opportunity on pages. The really special part about pages is that you can sell your ebook right there on the page and give people the ability to connect with you regarding what they liked and disliked about the book. This is one of the best parts about Facebook and the many things it can provide for its users.

Marketing Your Ebook With A Blog On WordPress

Now WordPress is the platform that I am using to write this blog and it’s because it’s the best blogger site! (I am may be bias)

Truly WordPress offers you the ability to connect with a large audience and give you the opportunity to attract a large community of people that love your blog content and will love your ebook even more. The one part about WordPress is that it takes a long time to build a audience and like most social platforms, you have to be consistent.

The biggest thing with my blog is that I should have kept posting and it would have amassed a bigger following. Guess I’ll have to keep pushing out valuable content like this even longer now!

Anyway WordPress is such a great place for your ebook because it provides you with the ability to actually connect with people across the globe through your writing. Make a blog around poetry if your book is about poetry or make a blog about animals if you have a massive interest on that. It’s all up to you when you make a blog, the one thing you need to remember is that people like valuable content so if you aren’t interest in giving that out then it may be hard for your to grow. Make a blog, and provide a article that promotes your new ebook while giving people the ability to do it themselves!

Market Your Ebook With A Forum On Reddit

Reddit is a great place for you to give someone the opportunity to hear your opinions. Their are tons of new people creating groups that amass a crazy high audience count and they are doing it all on Reddit. This forum site is so valuable because it provides you the ability to take your interest to a new level.

In terms of your ebook, it’s so important to create a group around it on Reddit. Advertise your ebook through the forum and the thing about Reddit is that people are so brutally honest on the sight. I wrote in a forum and someone truly just speaks their mind. This is great for someone who is looking to actually get feedback on their ebook. You will then receive tons of people buying your ebook once you get that positive feedback!

Marketing Your Ebook With Your Voice On Tik Tok

I paid someone on Fiverr a few bucks to make this for my tiktok. Should I get my money back?

Im not sure if you have seen this young lady that reads poetry on Tik Tok but it’s awesome! I really like how she has been able to amass such a large audience by just using her voice to give positivity. This is something we all need right now which may be the reason for such a large audience. It’s very true that poetry can be used on platforms that you may now think. Tik Tok allows us all to truly get a more person feel to our marketing. The biggest part of Tik Tok is those sponsorships, people are getting famous and receiving money for sponsoring and supporting up and coming people.

If you are a poet and would like to promote your work, it could cost you but it could also be valuable to find a influencer on Tik Tok to give you more of a boost. The cost may be worth it when you look into everything you may receive down the line. If you are looking at promoting your ebook, you may even be able to build a niche account around it and post content related to some themes inside the ebook. If you are not interested about the content in your ebook you shouldn’t be writing it anyway so try your best to make a Tik Tok that will resonate with you long term!

Make A Video Series To Market Your Ebook On YouTube

How could I not include YouTube? YouTube is the second largest platform out there and they have done a great job at giving you, everything you need to truly make a splash in the market. I saw a YouTube account about a father who does different jobs that a typical dad would do. Guess how many followers it has created? Over 3 million. It all started with a video and a dream, that will be the story of half of the multi millionaires of the future.

Anyway back to the ebook, create a video series around your interest or the themes inside your ebook. This will do two things for you, (1) it will promote your ebook and (2) It might turn into a another income source for you. Keep in mind that you can also utilize those banners on your page so you can promote your ebook. You can get people to buy anyway when you are constantly giving them valuable content. I think that is the biggest part of marketing, you give people valuable content and in return they purchase from you because they feel you have given them enough to make a good decision.

With YouTube, you are providing videos that will capture the attention of a global audience. In regards to a poetry book, a good idea would be to start reading poetry inside a garden or greenhouse. Play some music in the background and each time you have another video change the setting of the plants or each time you have a video, tell people about a new plant in your garden. You can call it plants and poetry and it will be a global success! I want credit if you use this (Just kidding).


Here is my fathers ebook! Such a great poet. Hope you all enjoy.

Ebooks are such a popular means of expressing a idea these days. There are so many different platforms that you can promote this on.

For the ones I mentioned, you have Facebook that you can use to create groups and give your audience the best chance to stay in touch through your new book. You have Reddit which allows you to get feedback and sales. You have Tik Tok that has turned into the greatest place to promote just about anything. You have YouTube that will be a excellent place for you to make videos about your ebook for tons of people worldwide. Finally you have WordPress, a wonderful blogging platform that allows you to put your thoughts to paper and give people the content that will lead to many returns down the line.

When it comes to creating a ebook, it’s important to not only think about what you can get from people but how you can give your best, every time!

Speaking of which, my fathers ebook is available on Amazon for a low price. It’s a wonderful ebook that has about 12 different poems that speak about love, death, appreciation, and imagination! I really hope you all enjoy it, took me a long time to put it together for him.

————->Get your copy here <————

Read about how much I love marketing and life below:

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