Beginners Guide To Stop Overworking Yourself

You know the biggest problem facing most people who work from home right now? Overworking and not giving time to themselves and how they feel at this current moment. Have you ever asked yourself why you are working 10 hours after you have completed everything you had to complete for today? Have you ever wondered about why you are constantly being pulled in different directions by your work place and you don’t have time to do anything else? It’s because you are overworking yourself into more stress.

So most of us are working from home and we are relatively safe in the confides of our room if we never actually leave it I would imagine but the one problem is that, if you never leave your room you never get the chance to get fresh air. You never get the chance to go on a walk, see a sunset, enjoy nature! You are constantly in your room and you never make time for the most important part of your life. The break.

In this post we will walk you through some of the steps that you can take for yourself that will help you reduce the amount of time that you are overworking. I hope this post gives someone the keys to stay off social media, Netflix, and whatever else you are doing and give yourself the chance to actually do something that doesn’t require 10 hours of endless work. This post was inspired by the many conversations that I have been having with people all over the world. It isn’t just in your area people, there are people everywhere on this planet that are seeking a cure for overworking. I hope to give some relief here.

What Is Overworking?

It’s the act of staying on your grind for more time than you intended. It is the act of not thinking about what you really want in life and just focusing on the work at hand. Honestly, focusing on the work at hand is something that I struggle with. It is something that several people deal with but it is also something that can be solved. So I am not putting down those who choose to continue to focus on the task at hand, I am shedding light on the problem of pushing yourself to the point that is problematic for your health.

There are people on the internet that support the idea of working those long hours, eating wrong and neglecting the things that make you human. I am here to say that is wrong and it is something that we need to address now. In this time period, we are all very down about everything, I feel that we are pushed into depression and sometimes it is due to that constant overworking attitude. We need to start taking things like taking a walk, taking a break and communicating about our problems, seriously.

How Can You Combat It?

When it comes to overworking yourself, it is all about finding new ways to get your words out there. If you are a person that prefers to keep things bottled up inside, that is fine but I just want you to be safe about it all. We can still be kind to ourselves by taking the time to voice our frustration to someone. I don’t care if it is me or someone else. It is important to take care of ourselves in whatever we do.

For me, somethings do work more than others when it comes to decreasing the amount of work you do during the day. One of those steps are timing yourself. Take the timer on your phone and take a few moments to actually monitor the amount of time you are spending on this one task. Once you have done that make a timer for break. Feel free to make a timer for anything because this way you will be in control of yourself and this will allow you to make more time for the many different things in your life that make you happy.

There is so much sadness going around right now so it is so important to find new ways for you to take care of yourself. One other thing that has help me is the act of planning. When I say planning, I mean make time for the things you actually enjoy doing, like jogging, rollerskating, sewing, or anything or person that makes you happy. You will find you feel a lot better when you have the time to do the things you actually like doing.

I would also like to say that overworking really does create a harmful attitude with people. I feel when people overwork they tend to internalize feelings about their current life so I would ask that everyone take the time to ask yourself what you enjoy and what makes you feel happy inside. When you figure that out, I will be happy for you. With so much going around, we often do unhealthy things with our spare time that really doesn’t do much for us long term. So really give yourself time to think about you for a second of your day!


I have been the person to overwork and I have been the person to bottle up my feelings but I have found that it destroys relationships and it destroys a lot of different parts of your life. You tend to actually do more harm than good for yourself.

In this post I have shared with you some of the steps that I have learned to stop overworking because in reality we need to take care of ourselves. During this time, it is so hard to actually meet people and it is so hard to find someone to confide in which is why it is important to treat yourself well. Don’t do things like overworking which will have a negative effect long term. Think about what you personally want to see long term and try it on for size!

If you need help with anything, add me on my linkedin and I will try to help to the best of my abilities!

Keep reading with more positive post from me!


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