Beginners Guide To Social Media Strategy 2021

Social media has changed over the years. It has turned into a way for you to not only connect with people but also a place where you can monetize your life and be successful just based on your image. As more mediums and more features continue to appear all over the internet we are constantly bombarded with new places to take our social media strategy. 

When it comes to this post, I would like to focus on what you can do today to make a difference on social media. Whether you are a pro, a beginner, or a small business owner, I hope this post can provide some value to you and your ventures going forward. In this post we will be providing some of the best ways a person might be able to optimize to this new normal in social media and become more knowledgeable about the places they would like to take their social media content into the future. 

For this post, we would like to focus on the tips and suggestions that can help you run a successful social media strategy and become more equipped to do this yourself on a continual basis. 

(In this post, we will have links and provide knowledge that can lead you to new levels of engagement, traffic and conversions) 

Breakdown Of A Social Media Strategy: 

For me, the best way to have a social media strategy that works, you have to include the following items:

Define these specific steps above and you could be on your way to social media success. Now although you may be doing all these steps and not seeing success. Do not be afraid, we are here to help you. Would you like to see a better breakdown? Take a look at the post below:

Setting Goals: 

When it comes to setting goals for your company, the old cliche is the SMART acronym that we all know from high school. 

You can follow that mantra and have tons of success. For me, I have found that goals do not have to be that structured. Sit in solitude for a few minutes with your computer and a stop watch. Brainstorm as many things you need to get done in that time period and write them all down. You can do the process of elimination on what can stay and what needs to go! 

This may not work for everyone but it could be a great way for you to define what you want to do to move forward with your social media account. 

Read about setting plans for yourself in my post below:

Competitor Research: 

There is no way to avoid it. You might have competitors. Even the biggest companies in the world like Amazon have some tough competition that may take over in the coming years. 

When defining social media success, I think the only time it is ok to look at someone else’s work is when you are defining your strategy. Look at what competitors are doing to see different features and analyze how they are running their accounts. Do not look in envy, look at it as a learning process. Understand who they are and use some of the strategies to see success on your own channel! 

Audience Research: 

Audience research is so important because without it you are unable to see how you would like to move forward with your social media strategy. Give your audience what they want when it comes to social media. Whether you are on any medium at all, provide value to your audience but also define the things that are working with your audience and move forward accordingly.

How does one get started with audience research? I would suggest using the tool Google trends. This tool allows you to see what your audience is searching so you get a better idea of what people are searching in your industry. Getting this information can help you out in your social media content but also in your next business venture.

This trend might be a little board for your liking but at-least you get the picture.

Account Optimization: 

You can’t do this all alone. You need a little help from your account to put you in the right position to be success at social media. One way to do this is through account optimization. Have you seen Youtube descriptions? They have tons of links at the bottom because its so important to optimize your account for SEO, engagement, and revenue! 

This is the key when it comes to your strategy because it allows you to see what you can improve on. Whether you are looking to stay relevant or defining an audience for yourself. You need to be able to adapt and optimize. 

For example, Instagram releases new reels, Linkedin releases stories, and Twitter has super follows now. If you want to optimize correctly, it will take you keeping up with everything and using it to your advantage! 

Check out this post for more about keeping up with new mediums:

Strategy Optimization: 

What kind of metrics are you looking at for this strategy? What do you want to achieve? 

If you are looking for Facebook ads to be optimized and you want a better strategy you may want to look at the cost-per-click metric because it tells you how much dollars you are spending to get that click. You need to be able to optimize when this is way out of the company range or budget. 

If you are focused on building brand awareness then maybe you would want to optimize your social media by reaching out to influencers. There are several different ways to optimize your strategy and get things done according to your brand. 

What is a GOOD social media strategy? 

A good social media strategy captures the essence of the company. When it comes to social media, you have to be able to set goals, actions plans, and implementation plans that effectively answer questions and provide real results for the company going forward. It is not an easy process for several companies to perfectly craft a strategy that does this. 

When we speak about a GOOD strategy, one might say that a company that post all the time and is always active on social media is a company that does well with social media strategy. Although this is not always the case. When I have researched some small startups, I find that even though they dedicate to posting all the time, they do not dedicate to providing actual value to people. This separates those who have a social media strategy that is effectively reaching its goals to one that is not. 

Now a good social media strategy can only be defined by its owner so make sure you ensure that you are making your strategy YOURS.

How Does A Person Set Goals For Their Social Media? 

Set goals based on your audience. When it comes to setting goals you need to be able to define your market and make sure you are defining what success looks like for your business in the short term and the long term. Also be real with yourself, if you are a startup and you are looking to define your market, you will need to do the work for yourself. Anything good in life, takes time. 

For those who would like to get started on defining goals, you need to start by developing a process. For me, being in sales the number one thing that has kept me going in down times is researching and finding interesting publications and articles about the industry. You stay in the know, you look for different ways you can define your target audience and you develop a process based on the research done.

So for a person who wants to set goals for social media, look to your audience, develop a process and identify the goals you would like to place for your budding business.

What Are Key Suggestions You Should Use In Your Next Social Media Strategy?

Optimize your account so it is easily sharable. This means that you need to make your content visible on all platforms and giving people the ability to easily copy and paste your link into their browsers.

One example of this is through Youtube and Podcast descriptions, put your links there and make it easy for people to find it by making Referance to it during your videos and recordings. This will increase visibility for your content provide you with the ability to truly share content that will grow your audience. 

Next, Engage with your connections, friends and networks. Be a thought leader only, be the person that people come to for new information about whatever you are speaking about! Your SEO grows if the algorithm sees that people are talking about a post.

Just like when people use the classic “Leave comments below and I will respond” this can help with SEO and engagement. This is why you often see YouTubers commenting on post and engaging, they know SEO works and their videos will get more views this way! 

Lastly, Post content that is valuable. Easier said than done but posting valuable content can turn you into the key person of contact online. From my experience, providing valuable content starts with who you are trying to reach. You can make a one hour podcast or video but it does not reach that many people.

Why? Because it is irrelevant to your audience. Mind you, it may be relevant to someone else but when you are reaching out to people, keep in mind who you would like to reach! 

Next time you make a social media strategy, take into account these things and use them to make your business shine!


As you continue to optimize your social media strategy you need to keep certain key goals at the top of your companies mind. Finding ways to optimize and figure out new ways to get more brand awareness, revenue and engagement can provide you with the means to move forward with your business. I hope this post adds some value to your next social media strategy! 

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