How To Have A Successful Live Event On LinkedIn

The most successful people are on LinkedIn. It has now become a requirement to have a LinkedIn if you would like to build a business. With so many different upgrades every month or so, there are so many different features that you can learn on LinkedIn that will help your business grow to new heights. One of these features that has become very popular over the course of 2020 to now is the ability to create live events.

Live events allow you to have more of an intimate relationship with your followers and connections and give you the chance to truly interact with your network like never before! There are many reasons why a person would go live on Linkedin.

For example, you would like to interview someone in your field, you are having a networking event, you are introducing a new product, promoting a new development in your life or just answering questions. The experience of going live can create more customers, brand awareness and allow you to truly make an impact on your connections lives!

In this post, we will break down everything you will need to truly be successful when it comes to going live on LinkedIn! We will give you the tips and helpful knowledge that will push your business or your personal brand forward. Sit tight and enjoy.

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What Are Live LinkedIn Events & How Does It Work?

LinkedIn gives you the ability to truly communicate with people during a live chat with all your connections or anyone on LinkedIn that would like to join the conversation. Live LinkedIn Events happen when a person on LinkedIn decides to use a third-party streaming service like restream to stream live on LinkedIn. This allows the user to broadcast to all their followers which gives you the chance to bring huge engagement to whatever you might be broadcasting.

One person that has done this well and has been a huge advocate for LinkedIn is a person by the name of Gary Vee. He has been going live on this social media site for a long time. Gary has been able to speak with marketers from some of the biggest companies on the planet and has even spoken to normal individuals during his coffee Live Events during the morning.

Gary is only one example of how people have been able to use live events but how do you get started?

LinkedIn offers a great summary of how you can get started with going live on their platform so I will let them do the talking by giving you the following link here. This post is not about how to get started this post is about how you can be successful! So below we will give you some of the best practice that you can use to be successful on the next time that you go live on LinkedIn.

Choose A Relevant Topic

This has to be the first one of the bunch because choosing the right topic can make or break your event from the beginning. When you are determining your topic, it can be helpful to check a variety of places to help you understand your demographic, target audience and the industry you are looking to reach with this live event. Below I share with you a few places you can check out to determine where your audience is and what they find interesting:

Use A Platform: Platforms like Answer the public can give you a better idea of the questions within your industry and this can help you define the time of event you would like to give to your audience. Think about how you can answer these questions in the best way possible that will elicit a response from your audience. Platforms allow you to see what type of content will resonate with the industry you are looking to have an event for in the future.

Hashtags Are A Good Option: Hashtags are always a great option. In fact, they might be one of the best options for anyone looking to find information. Check out my previous post about hashtags here. Hashtags are so important because they not only allow people to see what you are positing but it also helps in researching your audience and seeing what they find interesting in their industries.

Try out these tips above to determine the right topic that will truly make your live event a success!

Focus On The Count Down

One of the best things that you can do for your live event is to put a timer before the event begins. This is actually something that LinkedIn just recently granted the ability for you to connect your live stream to any event that you may be having on your account. This is incredible because now when you log into your third-party live streaming provider, you get the ability to use LinkedIn events as the place you would like to broadcast.

Once you have set up the event, it is time to set the timer for your scheduled LinkedIn event. Setting up a timer for your event creates a sense of urgency for your connections. When someone sees the timer on their feed they are more likely to click on your event! Think about when you have to book a flight, the timer at the top forces you to continue the process of entering your information. Make sure you are taking the time to schedule your events about 4-5 days before the actual event so you can see a lot more viewers from your event.

What is the benefit of a countdown?

Need more information about how to schedule your LinkedIn video? Checkout the video below for more information about scheduling your event:


Use CTA’s During The Event

One of the most powerful ways to elicit a response is through a CTA(Call To Action). A call to action is very popular on different events but you have to remember when to you use it. When it comes to a call to action, it can be very effective when you use it at the end of your live event. Several popular youtuber’s use this approach to perfection and have seen great success.

When you give someone a call to action you are effectively giving them the chance to do something in your favour. Whether that is asking for subscribers, followers or anything along those lines, giving someone that extra kick can do wonders for your response rates. Also, at the end of the day you want comments and likes, so why not tell people what you want? You might be surprised by the responses that you get from people.

Benefits of a call to action:

Pay Attention To The Right People

When you are having an event, it is important to invite the right people. One way you can do this is by doing research on the people that you are sending your invitations too. Look through your network and ask yourself who should be at this live event and who might this event help the most. When you take the time to reach out to the right audience you are not just getting the views but you are also getting quality views. Promote your event everywhere but make sure you are taking the time to define the type of person you would like to attend the event.

One tip to keep in mind during your event is that someone might watch your event again in the future, assuming you are going live, people will get the chance to replay your stream which means you need to make sure it is optimized for the right person. Make sure you are not only sending invitations but doing everything you can to keep things interesting and keep people engaged whether they are watching the video live or in 2 weeks.

One way you can make sure you are fully optimized for that replay viewer is by welcoming them to your live stream and making sure to acknowledge the fact that someone might be watching this live event in the future! This easy tip allows the right person to keep watching your live stream even if they are watching at a later date.

Benefits of Pay Attention To The Right People:

Wrapping Up

So as we have shown, LinkedIn live can have a huge impact on your brand when you do it right! A successful LinkedIn live event takes careful planning, timing, and attention to detail. You need to be able to understand how you can get it done for yourself but using the tips and tricks that I have shared with you today. Take the time to evaluate your next live video to determine how you can improve on it. it may take sometime to truly perfect your next live video but it can mean a world of possibilities for your brand when you are finally successful at it.

Next time you have a live event on LinkedIn, refer back to this post to see if you are checking all the boxes when it comes to your brand goals for this event!

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