Random Industry Marketing Ideas #1: Property

How do we actually market property? Well for most of us we let a real estate agent handle the marketing. So how does that real estate agent handle things?

Usually the realtor is asked to sell the property and market it on social media sites and post it everywhere for everyone to see. I find that this is not the most creative approach to marketing property and today I would like to offer some marketing ideas that can help someone sell homes. Keep in mind this is just random brainstorm ideas that have came to my head, I need a place to put them all so I decided to include them on my blog. Take a look at the ideas below:

Live “Day In The Life” Tours Of The Home

What if a realtor when above their pay grade and took the time to do an entire live broadcast of the home. They go live on LinkedIn or Twitch and they start doing a live video on the date. In this live video they take you through the ins and outs of the home. They give you all the essential details but they also give you what a day in the life might look like for someone in the home. This will be a complete walk through of the amenities of the home.

After the home tour, you can answer questions. The live event will give people a scheduled time to see the home which might be a good idea for someone who has been looking for a while.

To make it even more interesting you can partner with someone on the live event. For example, say someone is showing a live tour and they are a member of the same agency, they can be at another house while you ask them questions about that home. This way you can have a semi Q+A about the property and kill two birds with one stone. At the end, look to see if anyone has any questions. Keep in mind that this may be replayed so make sure to optimize accordingly and greet future viewers!

Benefits of this idea:

Influencer Marketing To Sell Homes

Influencers are under utilized in this industry. You can still find them and you can use them to sell homes. For example, say you have an influencer who is all about green homes. You reach out to them because the home that you are promoting right now has great smart home sensors and solar panels on the roof. You can have an influencer come in and make a video about the home or they can promote it on their instagram accounts. Influencers can add another dimension to selling homes, they have a loyal fan base and could be the new wave for someone looking to be a little bit more creative with marketing their new listing.

Micro-influencers would probably be the best choice for this sort of marketing, I would reach out to those influencers that have a specific niche or they are thought leaders in the space. They will be able to speak about the property in a positive light to their high follower counts.

Benefits of selling through influencers:

Wrapping Up

So this is a new series I am trying here. I want to give short blog post about industry marketing ideas and see some feedback about them. Let me know which industry I should try next in the comment section below! Do you like these suggestions? Are you a realtor and looking for more ideas? Reach out to me so I can help you devise a marketing strategy.

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