How To Use Organic Growth To Scale Your Business: Step-By-Step Guide For Organic Growth

When do you pay attention to your growth strategy? Your growth and development is the key driver allowing the business to continue to produce revenue. One way several businesses throughout history have gotten started is through the use of organic growth. Organic growth is the idea of growing your business from within, without the need for an agency.

Organic growth has created empires and has been a great supplier of true revenue growth for several companies. Especially in 2021, a lot of businesses have started to adapt to this form of growth through different marketing strategies such as doing their own video and commenting on post. These simple steps have created incredible businesses like GymShark, who built their business through influencer marketing and a dedicated approach to growing from in house!

No matter what stage of your business, you should be using some level of organic growth to keep the good times rolling into the future. We will cover the tips and the tricks that you can use to organically produce more results.

(As always we can provide you with the marketing tips and advice to make you grow so see some of the tips below)

Let’s Break Down The Steps For Organic Growth:



Organic growth means you have to do your own competitor research and understand your market and the key players within it



Strategy is so important when it comes to organic growth. Make sure to devise a strategy that works for your business.



Now this is the step about creating content that takes everything into account. You need to be able to create content such as videos and audios.



Maintaining your growth means commenting and liking and more. It can mean you continuing the process that has made you successful.

What Is Organic Growth?

Organic growth is when a business decides to start growing on their terms by using several different functionalities such as commenting, liking post, making videos, competitor research, and blogging. When it comes to organic growth it comes down to the business and how much effort that business would like to put into their company.

So what can be classified as organic growth and how can you use it to scale your own business to new highs?

Well I would say that organic growth means that you are not paying someone to put your ads anywhere or paying someone to do your SEO, you are tapping into your network and providing content that is valuable based on your own research.

For me, organic growth focuses on the company itself. What do we want to create or comment on today? What person should we reach out to based on our customer research? These are the questions you ask before you step into the world of organic growth. You need to be able to understand the why behind your decisions regarding this form of growth and you need to learn about the steps that you can take to actually be successful in growing from this angle.

How To Do Competitor Research To Grow

The best place for competitor research is to start looking up hashtags in your industry.

For example, say you are looking up 3D printing, you might want to look up a hashtag regarding this subject into the search bar. This will allow you to get more information about what is happening in the industry.

For example, what if you wanted to do research on this industry? This would be the best place to start.

First, start with joining groups and searching hashtags

Once you start joining groups on your industry and searching hashtags you will start finding relevant information about your competitors and your industry.

Second, contribute to groups be consistent with your research

Maintaining your focus and continually finding new ways to contribute and be proactive with your research can make a world of difference when you are looking to improve and grow organically.

How To Devise A Strategy For Future Growth

Choose a goal for your business

The first part of devising any strategy starts with the goal for the strategy, you can create a strategy that speaks to your business if you take the time to think about the goal you are trying to acheive!

[Here is a blog post about creating strategy for social media]

Next, optimize your strategy if necessary to appeal to your audience and competitor research

This one is self-explanatory, when you optimize your strategy you are able to engage with your future audience for the long run. This can give you the keys to create a strategy that speaks to your audience on a higher level.

What Type Of Content Should You Create For Organic Growth?

First, figure out what content performs better then others and then create a schedule

Creating a schedule is the best thing you can do to truly grow your brand. Content calendars and even different tools like can allow you to truly achieve high organic growth. When you use tools like to the one listed you are more organized with your approach and better suited to grow.

Here is a content calendar that I created for a Tamil Restaurant.

As you create and deploy your schedule remember to know the time you are posting and continually update your approach based on the news within the industry.

Next, deploy your content schedule and stay consistent with posting content

One of the most important tips that you should take away from this post is that posting consistently can make a world of difference if you are looking to grow organically. You need be able to be consistent with your content, no matter the type. If you are posting video or audio continue to create valuable content.

How To Maintain Your Momentum

First, set up reminders and use tools to help you to remember to comment and engage

Engagement with your followers and audience can make the world of difference. You can use tools like momentum to help you stay focused and remind you about what you need to accomplish.

Next, remember to optimize and stay fresh when it comes to your followers

Your followers and audience are the most important part of your outreach. You need to be able to optimize and stay fresh when it comes to your organic growth tactics. You can do this through the use of the competitor research that you used in step 1.

Tips To Remember


Several business have opted into the use of organic growth strategies to grow their business. Why? Because it can help you gain referrals and truly develop your ability to reach new audiences. The only thing that might hold you back is the amount of time and energy that you must dedicate to an organic growth strategy. If you are the type of person that can put up with the struggles and do not mind putting in the work to see results then organic growth might be the perfect solution to your problems!

If you need help with getting started, reach out to my email here. I share great tips for you to follow when it comes to building your business with different marketing strategies.

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