How To Get Your Blog Post On The First Page Of Google: The How To Rank Guide

Google has been kind to me these days. I have been fortunate enough to rank on the first page of the most popular search engine site on the planet. Do not believe me? Take a look at the photo below:

How did this happen? What steps can you take to rank this high on Google?

I will tell you right now, this was easier then I expected. When it comes to SEO it is all about being consistent with your content and providing value to your audience on a continuous basis. For me, I will continue to try to find new ways to bring that same value with every post I do and today is no different.

In this post we will speak about the steps that I took to rank higher on Google and to give you all a closer look into Search Engine Optimization and how it can affect your brand. It takes time to see results in SEO but with the following tips and steps I am sure that you will be on the first page of Google too.

Being such a massive platform, ranking on Google can mean hundreds of new views to your content and since ranking on Google my blog has been receiving viewers on a consistent basis. This is why I hope to bring some value to you and your next campaign in this new post.

(This post will feature the best ways that you can put yourself in the best position to be successful on Google)

How Do You Rank Higher On Google?

Several factors are at play when someone gets the chance to rank higher on Google. When it comes to ranking higher, it does not come down to one single act of heroics on your part. It takes time to develop a consistent stream of content creation to finally appear on the first page of Google.

This is why I would suggest you understand Search Engine Optimization so you can create content that not only provides you great satisfaction but also helps you rank higher so more people are able to gain the knowledge.

[See the following blog post about how to better understand SEO]

One of the number one ways you can rank higher is through consistency. Google helps those who have been posting on a continuous basis. When I think about consistency the rule of 100 comes to mind. Do something 100 times and see what happens. Measure your results and decide your next move accordingly.

Below you will find some of the ways that I used in my blog post to rank on the first page of Google. These are taken directly from the following post and give you a better idea of how you might be able to do the same in the future.

Original Imagery

Most of the images on the post that ranked had original images that I screenshot from my computer. One of the best ways to rank on Google is by providing original content for your audience. Original content makes you look like the main thought leader in the space and gives Google a reason to help you continue your mission.

Original content is important for those who are looking to truly engage with their audience. Even outside of Google ranking, when you post original content on any social media site, that site rewards you for it. Think about Facebook content, when someone is positing an original idea that is clear and concise, they usually do well on the platform. This is why it is important to use original ideas and images to help you move forward in your business.

One example of this came in my post where over half of the images are original and pasted in the post. This is a strategy that works and helps you become a leader in the space of digital marketing.

Creditable Backlinks

Yes you want to be a thought leader in the space but you also do not know everything in your industry. We all take inspiration from somewhere and that is where backlinks come in. Backlinks are those links that you use in your post that link to another piece of content, they are situated in different corners of your blog. These backlinks can be very powerful tools for those who are looking to grow their following.

The reason that backlinks help you grow your following is that they allow you to interact with other popular post that have ranked high in the past. When you are linked with someone who has performed well in the past you are usually more likely to perform better yourself. This happens because Google values past content. When you are a new comer you should interact with people who have already been in your situation and are now ranking at a higher level on Google.

If you can find content that has worked in the past, it is important to share that content in your new blog post when it is credible and relevant to your blog post.

Stay Relevant

This has to be one of the most important ones on the list so far. When you are planning on building traffic or if you are looking to stay relevant with your post, you may want to take the time to review and optimize to make sure important points are there. If you can create a post that stays on point and gives your audience what they want then you might see more success.

When we see relevant, what does this mean? This means that when you are posting a blog post, try not to talk about something that is completely off topic. We often try to speak about everything in our arsenal and this can lead to trouble when you are trying to rank higher on Google. You need to be able to provide content that is not only quality but also relevant to the audience.

Staying relevant means that you are using the right words, phrases, images and backlinks that are relevant to your audience and give your audience a better idea of your content as a whole.

Keyword Research

Keyword research. This is the big fish when it comes to ranking higher on a platform or ranking on search engines. When you are on a mission to stay relevant and take your content to the next level. Keyword research can be the difference maker for your brand. How does a person do keyword research effectively? You do keyword research by using different tools like jaaxy. These tools allow you to rank on another level.

Why does this work? Keyword research works because it helps keep your content in a category of successful players. Think about it, the content that we consume is from the top players in the game, when you use keyword research you are putting yourself in that same company because you are taking the time to find keywords that match the idea of your post.

Whether you are on using keywords in your hashtags, comments or post, they work! These little adjustments in your post can make a world of difference if you are looking to truly propel your post content to new heights. You can use keyword tools like Google search console to find even more keywords for your content. The list goes on with new tools that will help you in your research so be proactive and understand that SEO takes time and consistency.


How does someone rank higher on Google? How does someone build traffic to their post with SEO? Well in this post we have learned that there are steps a person can take, when they are trying to make themselves the thought leader of the century. From keyword research to original imagery, you can rank at a higher level if you have a good approach to your SEO.

One thing you must remember is that marketing is forever evolving with new metrics and tools that can help you rank higher in search engines. Google will soon introduce something else that will need you to change your approach so keep this in mind when you are looking to rank higher and be attentive when you are improving your content. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Check out the post that this post was inspired by below, along with more blog post from yours truly:


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