How Viral Marketing Works And How You Can Take Advantage Of It For Your Next Campaign

Viral marketing has become very popular for a long period of time. When organic information about a product or service spreads like wild fire across the internet, it can be said that viral marketing has occurred. Now that is the basis behind viral marketing but who are the people who have been using it to perfection over the years and what social media accounts have been the leaders in becoming a viral sensation?

Well let’s look at a few factors when it comes to viral marketing. When a piece of information is said to “Go Viral” this means that the piece of content has stretched to such an extent that an increasing number of eyes have seen this information. Would you like some examples? We do not have to look too far, Old Spice offers us a perfect example of what viral campaigns can look like for you! You haven’t seen the Old Spice ad? We have you covered below:

Now what makes this ad so viral? Well in my research, I noticed a few factors that made this ad such a success:

  1. The ad was meant to target women who buy up to 70% of shower gel for men. The ad was such a success because not only did it appeal to women but the comedy and humour was also enjoyed by men too.
  2. They created a character and used that character to engage with people through social media channels. Actor Isaiah Mustafa was able to garner a large audience and create even more of an audience around the brand in anticipation of the next commercial.
  3. The message was clear and concise. This campaign was so special because the message was written on the screen and hand fed to the audience. No matter who you are, this commercial was easy for you to understand which made it become one of the most successful viral campaigns of all time.

So what will this post be about? Well in this post we will be taking you through not only the campaigns that make viral marketing so important but we will also take you through some ways that anyone can become viral with a camera. The idea of being viral has become so popular because it’s one of the most easiest ways to make money and become an internet success story over night. I won’t guarantee you will win the lottery with these tips but you will surely get closer to it with the advice we provide below!

(We are about to give you the keys to become a viral marketing wizard, make sure to check out some of the links in this post for more information)

How Does Viral Marketing Work?

One of the first mediums to start making celebrities from short videos was Youtube. In 2021, the people that were posting on Youtube before it was cool have created personal brands from themselves and now rule their little corner of the internet. We now see these same Youtubers fighting professional boxers for millions of dollars, viral marketing has become a household name on the internet.

Now days, we have social platforms that allow 15 year olds to have millions of followers based on dancing clips. We are constantly bombarded with viral content, so how can you do this for yourself and what are some tips that you can use to make your own way in this crowded space? Well today I give you some advice based on my analysis of all the viral content on the internet.

Marketing Research Makes Viral Easier

When it comes to viral marketing, one of the most important parts of any campaign is marketing research. When it comes to doing your own research, a company can use polls. These are marketing tools that allow you to gain insights from across the globe. By using polls we are able to develop and optimize our viral marketing campaigns using the information provided by the audience.

For example, when it comes to developing ideas for social media content, you can ask people about what they would like to see from your next piece of content. By giving the audience your ideas and receiving feedback you can develop campaigns that boost your ARR, ROI and whatever metric your company pays attention too.

Marketing research is such a special part of a campaign because you are able to define a goal. Remember when we spoke about the Old Spice campaign? One of the most important parts of that campaign was creating content that was concise and meaningful for their target audience.

Like marketing, your audience changes almost daily. This is why polls and other marketing research is so important when you are developing a campaign in 2021. You need to be able to stay updated on what is trending and consumer behaviours.

From my experience, the best way to engage with my audience is by commenting, making short videos, and creating polls that have continually helped me create my brand on LinkedIn. Viral marketing takes more then marketing research but it’s a good start!

Choosing The Right Medium

When it comes to choosing the right marketing medium, you need to pay attention to viral marketing campaigns of the past. It’s important to take into consideration those people who have made a name for themselves already. 

One of the most popular social mediums is TikTok. Tiktok is a medium that we have highlighted in the video above. The man above created a name for himself through the use of consistent content. He was able to finally develop a piece of content that went viral. 

[Check out this blog post that I wrote about keeping up with mediums]

How did he do it? Well I have outlined a few possible factors that could have contributed to his success. 

  1. Catchy and uplifting music. Who doesn’t like the vibe of this video? The short clip gives us all a feeling of happiness and tranquility. There is not a sign of worry on this mans face which makes us all feel the same!
  2. Timing. This video was released during a pandemic that continues to make everyone feel horrible. This video gave us all a break from the usual. 
  3. Consistent Effort. When it comes to viral marketing it pays to be consistent. The man in the video posted videos constantly before one became famous. There are several viral successes that do not post several videos before becoming a success but can help if you aim to post consistently. 
  4. Tik Tok is one of best places to put out content. The engagement rates on Tik Tok are through the roof. It’s target audience is mainly of the younger generation and so it can be sporadic when it comes to the amount of views you receive on your content. If you have a video idea, I’d use Tik Tok to get it off the ground!

So when it comes to becoming a viral sensation you might want to keep in mind the type of social media you would like to do it on! These days, the most viral content comes from the new comers such as Tik Tok. Mediums like clubhouse have also provided this advantage and can be a valuable source for those who are looking to get in on a platform that is still distinguishing itself in a crowded place.

Focus On Your Audience

Know the people that you are making content for on the internet. Like we say in the Old Spice example above, people are more likely to buy a product that directly affects them. It isn’t everyday you see a half naked man in a professional commercial because it evokes thought, you are wondering why and want answers.

Without knowing the audience you are intending to capture, you may not pass the test. It is important to understand who are making content for because it can lead to a viral campaign that can take your business to the next level of success.

One way you can take advantage of your audience is by posting content that appeals to them on a consistent basis. Provide your audience with tools that will allow them to see you as the thought leader. Once you are seen as the expert in your space, you can be sure that your content will be seen.

When it comes to viral marketing, focusing on your audience can help you take advantage of different situations and helps you time your post accordingly. For example, if you are a person that eats on camera for millions of people to watch, you might have a viral video on your hands if you decided to eat an entire thanksgiving meal and post it on Youtube during the Thanksgiving month. This is a good example of someone who is leveraging timing and posting at a point when people are looking for content like this.

Take the time to focus on your audience and determine the best move for your personal brand!


“Going Viral” is a common term used these days. It involves a lot of the things that we have just spoken about in this new blog post.

You must remember that viral marketing is just one piece of the puzzle, creating a successful marketing campaign can involve several steps.

It is up to you to find content that is relevant, human and evokes emotion from your audience. This type of content has a great chance to go viral. Be the person who does the necessary steps to have a viral campaign. Do not run from the analytics also, there are times when you will have to do your own research and figure out the best way to reach your audience.

Once you take the time to do all these steps, you have a great chance to becoming a viral sensation. Now its up to you, start making content and do the little things that will help you be successful in the end!

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