Episode #11 – Can We Take 3D Printing To New Levels? We Sit Down With Stephan Mansour

Who asked for a new intro for the property marketers show? Nobody? Well we did it anyway.

In this new episode of the show we sit down with a man who helped create the first 3D Printed home in Suadi Arabia!

His name is Stephan Mansour and he is here to give us all more information about 3D Printing and its implementations. In this new episode, be prepared to get more information about the industry and to understand more about the future of this sector.

If you are someone who would like to understand the idea of constructing homes with 3D Printing technology then we have the podcast just for you!

This was one of the most informative episodes with someone who truly knows the industry and has been able to build a career around it.

In this new podcast we are diving right into a new initiative that is being developed by Stephan which will be a huge difference maker in the way we develop the homes of the future.

I love 3D Printing and the idea of a 3D Printed house just gets me excited. This was a fun interview for me as I continue to build this podcast and my brand. As this podcast grows, I would like to focus on the people behind different sustainable projects and try to find the most surprising guest for the show.

Hope everyone enjoys this one and stay tuned as I will be interviewing a few new people for us all to enjoy!

Let me know if this brings some value to you all as that is my goal.

#16 – Galiano & Boxabl Are Reinventing Factory Built Homes Forever Property Marketers Show

Have you heard of factory built homes? This the latest trend in the architectural industry and has several companies trying new ways of exploring this concept. The latest company is Boxabl.  Boxabl is a company that seeks to reinvent the way we construct our homes on a massive scale. The company has exciting news to share in this latest episode! We are joined today by the founder of the company, Galiano Tiramani.  Along with his team, Galiano has been looking to change the way we construct these homes for the future. In this episode you will get a better understanding of factory built homes and how Boxabl can change the way we look at this concept forever!  Need more information about Galiano or Boxabl? See the details below.  Website: https://www.boxabl.com  Remember to follow me and our page on LinkedIn. LinkedIn: Cole Correia  LinkedIn Page: The Property Marketer Show  Website: propmarketer.com Stay tuned for more alternative trends and the companies that are revolutionizing this alternative living for the better! 
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