How To Use Canva To Open Your Own Marketing Agency: Step-By-Step Guide

Canva is a no-code marketing tool that was developed by a Australian group of friends with a passion for photoshop and design. The platform has since been used for a variety of different purposes including creating amazing marketing campaigns. Now days, Canva has become super popular for anyone looking to create a lasting impression on their audience.

Canva isn’t just a no-code platform anymore, it has become essential for those looking to develop businesses. In this new post, we will be diving into Canva and how it can be used to create marketing agencies from scratch.

On one hand you can use Canva for basic photoshop and posting content but on the other hand you can do all of these services for someone else! Get paid to create content, optimize profiles, and develop brands with the use of this no-code software platform. In this post we will show you the steps to do this and more through the use of this platform.

Why Use Canva?

Canva is an awesome way to schedule, develop and establish brands from the ground up. From optimizing instagram accounts to creating amazing brands from scratch, Canva can be used to do all this and more.

So why use Canva? You should use Canva because it is one of the easiest ways to develop your brand. If you are looking for a quick way to get exceptional photoshop done in minutes then you have to try Canva for yourself. The platform is for those who would like to take charge of their content and provide value to their audience.

In the following post we will go through the many ways you can use Canva to develop your personal brand and create amazing illustrations that you can use almost anywhere on your social media. More importantly we will give you the keys to open up your own marketing agency through the use of Canva services.

Choosing Your Service Offerings

Canva comes equipped with a variety of designs that you can create for yourself and for others. This can be a range of posters, presentations, videos, social media post and the list goes on. As you develop a better understand of the platform, you start to understand the many different ways you can use it to develop a brand yourself.

The first step in creating your own agency can start with the services that you offer to your clients. This can be any of the designs that you see in the photo above or the several other options available on the platform. You may be thinking, can’t everyone do this then? The answer is yes but will they?

You see, people have a lot on their plate so if you provide a service that allows them to sit back and do other things with their business without having to worry then you are golden. You must remember the services you offer and go all in on what you believe will work best for the brand you are looking to create for yourself.

You don’t have to be an expert to deliver quality service. You can provide value to others by just putting time into it for someone else. Taking that effort and applying it can make a world of difference for your business and your wallet.

Marketing Your Services

Once you have chosen your services, it is time to market yourself to find clients for your business. You can do this by creating pages, social media accounts and post that utilize the Canva platform. This will allow others to see that you have taken the time to put together some of the designs that people can pay you for.

The best way to find clients is not by telling them that you can do this for them, it is by showing them with your actions on social media and other platforms. Whatever your services may be, this gives you the chance to showcase them on a bigger stage. You can create tons of content on different pages and use them as litmus test for your service offers.

Make a effort to create a page that you can literally just experiment with on a daily or weekly basis. You can watch as your followers grow as you try out some of your many experiments. By doing, you are actually developing a greater knowledge for the platform and providing people with the best evidence of your services. How will someone believe that you can do something without showing them that you can do it?

Be the person who markets their services by showing off your services and providing value to others before they actually start to give you any money. Make your services known by giving people what they want, which is valuable content from a reliable thought leader.

Finding Clients For Your Agency

The great part about Canva is that it is so business optimized. They provide you with the ability to create folders for each client that you bring onboard which allows you to organize yourself better. For me, this is a life safer as I struggle with organization and anything that can make my life easier will help me throughout my entire career.

Finding clients for your marketing/canva agency is the fun part. This is where your network comes into play! You need to start attending networking sessions and putting your intentions out into the internet to find people that will take you seriously!

When you are networking, remember to first provide value, and one way to do this is through carousel images and even videos that allow you to talk to your customers (All can be done on Canva). You are building an agency for yourself and giving people the chance to truly know you on a more intimate level when you are providing all this content for them.

Canva can help you every step of the value journey because they allow you to create engaging images that you can use to create blog post, Linkedin post, instagram post and more. Just remember to keep your brand fonts, styles, colours on all your promotional material. This is important because you become more recognizable to your audience. The road to opening up your own marketing agency becomes easier when you take this necessary step so remember to take it!


Of course, your own marketing agency is a hard road to go down but it is not an impossible road. When you are looking to do something great, you can look toward platforms like Canva that make that road a lot easier for you and your brand. Make every effort to use Canva to promote, create and find clients for your business by providing valuable content for your current clients and your future clients.

We hope this blog post has provided the value and motivation that you need to open up your own marketing agency and we would like to give you even more value through our marketing services! I have started to market myself and do freelancing for businesses in the GCC and would like to provide as much reliable material to my clients and prospects as possible.

If you are looking for someone who will take the time to provide you with blogs, and other material that will help you along your journey then you can message me ( for more about my services.

Stay safe and remember to put in the effort to see the reward this week!

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