3 Things To Consider When Moving To The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

When it comes to Dubai it is hard to miss the Palm Jumeirah and the beauty that comes with this development. For those who do not know the Palm Jumeirah is a man made island that has created an influx of tourist from across the world to its shores.

The island is home to a variety of apartment, hotel and villa developments that make up the islands landscape. By living near the area and visiting these different property types, there are certain aspects of these properties that I have noticed and would like to help others learn more about today.

In this new post, we will be discussing 3 factors to consider when moving to the Palm Jumeirah so you can make sure you are choosing the right property! The next time you are visiting a property in the area and wondering what you should be looking for when you enter into these places, make sure to keep these 3 things in mind.

What Is The Palm Jumeirah?

Over 20 years ago the Palm Jumeirah was constructed to provide us with one of the most unique man made islands on the planet. The island features fonds that resemble a Palm tree and provide a beach front for a variety of residences across the island. The main developer of the island is Nakheel Properties, they are basically the architects behind the island development and continue to development properties for everyone to enjoy.

The landscape of the island has been a mix of luxury properties and hotels scattered across the island. On this island you can find properties that are close to several of the amenities and landmarks such as the Atlantis and the board walk.

The island has truly become one of the biggest attractions in Dubai which has attracted several celebrities and tourist to the islands shores!


The cooling differs from area to area across Dubai and in Palm Jumeirah you might find that cooling is a lot more expensive than other comparable places such as the Dubai Marina.

If you are thinking about moving to the Palm Jumeirah, you need to keep in mind cooling because like most places in the UAE, it can get extremely hot. So when it comes to the cooling off the home, you need to keep in mind two things. The District cooling and the chiller free cooling. Below we discuss these two cooling types in more detail so we can get a better picture of each going forward.

District cooling:

This is when chilled water is pumped from a central plant nearby, into the building or villa complex by an underground insulated pipeline. This method reduces power consumption by 50% which makes it a more environmentally friendly option. This might be an option for those who are looking to be more environmentally conscious and protect the planet.


The energy consumption is reduced in this system which makes it better for the environment. However the cost of operation is based toward the individual which may put a strain on your wallet. So this might be something to keep in mind when you are planning to cool your apartment or other form of property.

Chiller Free:

For this cooling system a separate chiller system is installed at the roof and connected to the building’s main electricity meter. This provides a great option due to the majority of the cost being paid by the landlord.


As was said before, with this cooling system the charges for the cooling go directly to the landlord and do not reflect on the DEWA bill. You as the tenant will not be paying for the air conditioning in this system which is a big advantage for most people. If you are looking to save some money, this might be the option for you going forward.

Service Fees

Service charges are recurring fees attached to residential property ownership in Dubai. These charges are for the upkeep and the maintenance of residential communities or buildings across multiple locations. These charges are based on a Square Foot basis and on the Palm they can range.

The reason you should keep these in mind is that they can truly start to rack up in price as you start to look at the Square Feet of the property. Take time to evaluate the different service charges involved with each property that you are purchasing in the Palm Jumeirah. This will help you understand if this property is what you are looking for now and down the line too.

These service charges are an essential part of buying a home in the Palm and can often be very expensive especially as the square feet of the property increases. Make sure to compare these service charges when you are deciding on your new home, invest or other form of property. This can be a difference maker when you are deciding on making a purchase. 

As you look at more aspects of the home, you need to take into account these service charges to make sure the home you are purchasing is right for your budget. Reach out to me to understand these charges further.

The View

The final consideration for this post is the view. This should probably be the first thing you look at when you are purchasing a home in the Palm Jumeirah. On the island, you have some of the most luxurious views and depending on where the property is facing, you might have a variety of different views to consider.

For example, when it comes to the shoreline apartments, Unit F’s have a full direct view of the sea which may be more desirable for someone who wants one of the best views in the apartment. Just keep in mind, as the view gets better the price can dramatically increase for you so you need to keep in mind this factor too.

Since we are speaking about the shoreline apartments, the left side has a road view this means if you are looking into Unit E, you will be facing the road with no view of the sea behind you. This might have an increase in noise and commotion but still a desirable location for anyone who would still like to enjoy all the amenities of the apartment complex.

There is also partial views you might be able to enjoy depending on the location of the property on the Palm so when choosing your next home or property, take time to inspect the view that you are looking to purchase.


Having a property on the Palm Jumeirah can be a reward experience for anyone looking to experience a luxurious lifestyle and along with that lifestyle, you might need to consider a variety of factors before you make a purchase.

Take time to look at a variety of factors when you are moving to the Palm Jumeirah. For starters the cooling which can be a big factor because of the type of climate in the UAE. You need to be able to differ between the district cooling and the chiller free cooling.

Next, you need to keep in mind the service charges that are involved with each property on the market. These can range from AED 3 to AED 30 so make sure to check with your trusted property advisor for more information about these same charges.

Lastly, we looked at the views that are involved with these Palm Jumeirah properties. You could be getting a view of the road or an exceptional view of the sea but you need to inspect and schedule a viewing with your property advisor to find out!

These are just some of the many factors that you should keep in mind when purchasing property in the Palm Jumeirah. Stay tuned for more blog post related to the Palm Jumeirah as I am living in Dubai and working within real estate.

Hope you enjoyed this new blog as this will be the first of many blog post related to property and real estate as I would like to cater my blog more toward this aspect of my work.

Are you looking for a property in the Palm Jumeirah and would like to know more information before you jump in the water? Send me a email here, you can also reach me at my Whatsapp number which is +971 52 517 6380.

Stay tuned for more information!

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