Episode #14 – We Speak With Dirk Delport About One Of The First Tiny Homes In Abu Dhabi

Greetings everyone!

Of course we have another podcast interview for you this week to further emphasis my enthusiasm for real estate in the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai. I’m excited for you all to hear this new episode!

Although it is a shorter episode this time around, I would like to further push the fact that I have entered the real estate market in Dubai and specially in Palm Jumeirah.

In this new episode, we are speaking with a project manager named Dirk Delport. Dirk has been in project management for over 14 years and knows what it takes to create exceptional projects across Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

In this episode, he was speaking about his new tiny home that he created for his family! This is a summer retreat for him and his family which they use to escape the city every now and then.

From interior to exterior we were able to listen to Dirk in this interview about his new tiny home. He was such a great guest to have on the show because he was truly knowledgable about all aspects of the project and gave us more information about it all.

You are in for a treat for this new episode as he was able to offer us more information about how we might all be able to do this ourselves and the regulations that you might face on your way.

Lastly, as I have started my journey into real estate and continue to build my personal brand even more. I wanted to take the time in this podcast, to give more information about my life in Dubai, the trends I have been seeing in the market, and what I am looking forward to in the market.

Also, if you are looking for property in Dubai (especially in the Palm Jumeirah) message me on whatsapp at 52 517 6380 and send me over a email too if you’d prefer which is cole@famproperties.com

Check out the podcast below and let me know what you think!

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