3 Benefits You Need To Know About The Palm Jumeirah

We are back with another blog post about the Palm Jumeirah! The man-made island located in the best city on the planet, Dubai! This city has shown me so much about true progression and what a luxury lifestyle could look like for those who work hard enough to have it.

Life on the Palm Jumeirah is different from anywhere else in Dubai. You get the chance to live on one of the most unique locations on the planet with some of the most lavish amenities with new restaurants, attractions, and places to explore every month or so.

In this new post we will be taking you through 3 benefits for living on the Palm Jumeirah and all the many factors that make it such a great location for young professionals, families and singles. We will explore these three benefits in more detail so you can see why the island has become home to some of the wealthiest people on the planet.

As the Palm continues to develop and expand, the below benefits can help you understand the current state of the island and encourage others to move to this location in the future. Keep in mind this is only 3 benefits, the island is so verse and has become a stable for any tourist, investor or individual looking to experience the Palm Jumeirah.

The Waterfront Views: 

One of the most talked about parts of the Palm Jumeirah is the waterfront properties and the views that go along with them. Palm Jumeirah is a massive man made island with the added bonus of having several fronds for even more shoreline. 

The Palm Jumeirah is a marvel for those who are looking to see something completely out of this world. If you are an investor, buyer or renter, the coast lines of the Palm Jumeirah will have you running to the beach. 

From my experience, the views that you can see in a variety areas across Palm Jumeirah are some of the best I have seen in Dubai. For example, check out the view that can be seen from the end of the crescent near the Kempinski Palm Residence below:

There are several reasons why the Palm Jumeirah has so many luxury properties but one of the biggest factors is the waterfront views. From several corners of the island you can see pristine beach fronts on some of the most luxurious properties on the planet.

It is an absolute honour to see the villas on the fronds of the island and anyone that has had the chance to visit these properties, knows how majestic the waterfronts can be. 

Picture waking up and going for an early morning swim in your backyard with a fantastic view of different landmarks of the best city of the planet! This is the benefit that the Palm Jumeirah offers for those who are willing to move to its shores. 

Check out the amenities that come along with the villas on the Palm Jumeirah: 

Active Social Calendar: 

Next on the list is the social calendar that you possess while living on the Palm Jumeirah. 

One of the biggest advantages of the Palm Jumeirah is the list of restaurants and luxury hotels that you have the chance to include on your list of things to do.  

The island has a tremendous amount of cuisine for those who are looking to eat their way to heaven. I know first hand that this island has some of the best food in Dubai and soon across the world. 

As more quality restaurants like Nobu and Club Vista Mare have already made their stations on the island, there is bound to be more restaurants calling the Palm Jumeirah home. 

Not only restaurants, the Palm also has some of the most noteworthy attractions in all of Dubai. Attractions like the Aquaventure Waterpark, the boardwalk, Dolphin Bay and the Pointe, and the View are just some of the many places you can visit on the island. 

There is doubt that the island provides a variety of amenities for families, singles, couples and anyone else out there. 

Looking for a luxury lifestyle with the added benefit of having plenty of attractions and restaurants to visit daily? The Palm Jumeirah might be the best place for you to settle down. 

One of the newest attractions on the Palm Jumeirah is the view and the Nakheel mall, here is a great video below to give you a better idea of the beauty of it all:

The Island Is Self-Sufficient: 

The Palm Jumeirah is a city of its own. The island has everything you and your family might need to live in this location. 

The Palm provides you with the ability to have everything in one location. For example, hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets and schools are all available to residents. This makes the Palm one of the best locations in Dubai for everyone looking to join a true self sufficient community. 

The residents on the Palm Jumeirah have no shortage of places and amenities to live a life on the island without having to commute far distances. 

This is a massive benefit for those who are looking to remain on the island without having to commute into the city. This being said the island is well connected to business hubs such as the Dubai Marina and Media City which make it an easy commute. 

The Palm Jumeirah is home to everything you might need to live without having to rely on other areas of the city. This makes it a perfect location for all residents who would like to live in a place that can allow you to live a quality life without living the comfort of your own neighbourhood.

Need more community activities? Check out sites like Meetup and Facebook groups to find even more places across the island that you can socialize and interact with others.

One of the newest places to build this community on the island could be a Yoga class on top the view, which you can check out in the link here!


The Palm Jumeirah is an island that will be around forever. As the island continues to grow, more amenities and facilities will provide new residents with additional benefits in the future. 

If you a fortunate enough to experience the Palm Jumeirah you will be in for a treat. There is no shortage to the amount of places to eat and see while living on one of the most unique landscapes on the planet. 

Now if you need more information on potential properties such as apartments, villas, or suites that are located on the island, there is no better person to call than me. 

Before you buy please contact me for more details about listings, property trends and more that can make your move stress free! 

Looking forward to hearing from you all. Make sure to like and follow my blog for more information about the Palm Jumeirah. 

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