#15 – How To Be A Better Marketer With Joey Kilrain & The DED Company

How long has been without a marketing post on my blog? Too long. I hope this new episode of the podcast can help being some value to your marketing campaigns and small businesses.

This episode is focused around marketing and we all can become better at it with time and patience. Sprinkled into the episode is the charm and charisma of one of my favourite guest by the name of Joey Kilrain.

Joey is a founder of multiple agencies and his most recent agency is based in New York City one of the most popular places to advertise and create something for yourself.

This episode took me on an adventure of my own through the wisdom of someone who has done so much in his career. We could not have asked for a better person to come on the show to share with us his journey.

For me, marketing has always been about staying current and providing value to others. This is what I would like to provide to you all in this new episode of the show with a guest who will literally teach you everything you need to know about the industry.

Interesting people make great marketers. Joey is no different. His life has taken him across so many spectrums of marketing and he was more then happy to share about the many things he has learned on the way to the top.

Political issues, racial injustice, family ties, iconic books, and of course the future of the marketing industry as a whole, these are just some of the many topics that we were able to cover in this new episode.

Most of all, Joey was brought an element to the podcast that has not been seen yet, and that is the element of comedy. I was genuinely laughing on several occasions throughout this hour long episode because he truly has a healthy dose of good humour.

By the end of the podcast if you don’t learn something new about this industry then you are not listening hard enough. There are so many hidden gems in this new episode that I had to go back and literally write it down so I remember for later in my life.

Once again, thank you to Joey Kilrain for speaking on the show, he is an awesome gentleman and a true professional of his trade.

Make sure to listen to the episode below and follow Joey on LinkedIn for more!

Please see the marketing agency below for more information:

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