#17 – The Ultimate Guide To Greenhouse Growing With Godfried Dol & Glasshouse Consultancy

We have someone special on the show for everyone this time around! His name is Godfried Dol and he is the founder of Glasshouse consultancy. This is a consultancy that focuses on greenhouse technology and its implications.

One of the most passionate and interesting individuals we have ever had on the show so far! His wisdom has truly captured my attention and I was truly able to learn so much.

Not sure if everyone knows about greenhouse technology but it is a form of technology that has become so popular among several of your favourite travel destinations!

From Singapore to Spain, you can see greenhouse technology everywhere you look and it’s important to gain a better understanding of it all.

If you have an interest in greenhouse technology and would like to learn more then we have the perfect person for you on this new episode of the show!

He has worked on projects in my new home of Dubai and has also been able to work across multiple locations in Europe, Asia and North America. One of the quotes that stick with me is this one: “You learn so much about yourself by learning from different cultures”.

What Did I Learn?

For me, this quote stuck with me because I have been fortunate enough to travel across Asia, North America, Europe and now the middle east. My life is always met with new challenges and I believe these challenges make you a better person but they also let you understand so much about your life.

We should all thrive to find balance with our careers. Godfried has done a great job of finding two things he loves, travelling and growing but what about you?

If there is a career at the back of your head that you feel would help you achieve your balance, I believe it might be a good idea to take a chance at it! For me, I am trying to do the same with my life, looking at new ways to find peace by taking wild risk with my life like moving to Dubai. Take a chance and learn from whatever happens from the experience.

I am still learning at my age but I think these podcast episode open my eyes to new concepts and people that change my life every time! It is hard to express the appreciation I have for the guest that decide to come on my show. They are not fully aware of what I am doing with the podcast but they are happy to show support, that is amazing and a blessing.


As for the podcast episode, I found it extremely interesting to hear about the farms of the future. We often don’t think about the effects climate change and the world is having on the way we consume food. The idea of traditional farming might be over soon due to the advancements in technology. So what are we left with then? Well check out the new podcast to find out!

I hope I was able to wet your appetite with this blog post. Stay tuned as I will be posting more blog post this month regarding marketing and business advice.

Truly hope everyone listens to this new episode and give me some feedback in the comment section. I would love to have more engagement on my blog!

See below for the episode and stay safe out there.

#23 – Krill Design (Sofia & Domiziana) Tells Us Everything About The First 3D Printed Lamp Made From Orange Peels Property Marketers Show

BACK FOR ANOTHER EPISODE OF THE PROPERTY MARKETER SHOW!  Are you someone who underestimates the power of 3D printed and think it's just a fad? Well I am here today to tell you about a company that is about to show you the next wave of 3D printed products using some of the most unusual materials.  In this episode, we show you the orange lamp. This is a lamp that has been 3D printed using orange peels to create a sweet smelling, attractive and efficient lamp for your next addition to your home.  As you will hear in the episode, one of the best parts of Krill Design and the orange lamp is the story behind the product itself. The product designer(Sofia) and the marketer(Domiziana) take us through the entire product while giving us more information about the importance of sustainability in the design process.  The episode was a special one for me as I had the opportunity to interview two women who are passionate about the future of the 3D printing industry, environmental sustainability and orange lamps!  We should not underestimate the power of 3D printing on the design industry and the construction space as we continue to see more products that take our imagination to new heights.  Take a listen to this new episode that seeks to provide you with the information you will need to take your next 3D printing business to the next level.  Let me know what you think of this new episode and see below for more information about the people involved below. LinkedIn Accounts:  – Sofia Soledad Duarte Poblete – Domiziana Illengo Company Website:  http://www.krilldesign.net FOR MY ITALIAN FAMILY:  Sei una persona che sottovaluta il potere della stampa 3D e pensa che sia solo una moda passeggera? Bene, sono qui oggi per parlarvi di un'azienda che sta per mostrarvi la prossima ondata di prodotti stampati in 3D utilizzando alcuni dei materiali più insoliti. In questo episodio vi mostriamo la lampada arancione. Questa è una lampada che è stata stampata in 3D utilizzando bucce d'arancia per creare una lampada dall'odore dolce, attraente ed efficiente per la tua prossima aggiunta alla tua casa. Come sentirete nell'episodio, una delle parti migliori di Krill Design e della lampada arancione è la storia dietro il prodotto stesso. Il product designer (Sofia) e il marketer (Domiziana) ci guidano attraverso l'intero prodotto fornendoci maggiori informazioni sull'importanza della sostenibilità nel processo di progettazione. L'episodio è stato speciale per me poiché ho avuto l'opportunità di intervistare due donne appassionate del futuro dell'industria della stampa 3D, della sostenibilità ambientale e delle lampade arancioni! Non dovremmo sottovalutare il potere della stampa 3D sull'industria del design e sullo spazio di costruzione poiché continuiamo a vedere più prodotti che portano la nostra immaginazione a nuovi livelli. Ascolta questo nuovo episodio che cerca di fornirti le informazioni di cui avrai bisogno per portare la tua prossima attività di stampa 3D al livello successivo. Fammi sapere cosa ne pensi di questo nuovo episodio e vedi sotto per maggiori informazioni sulle persone coinvolte di seguito. Account LinkedIn: – Sofia Soledad Duarte Poblete – Domiziana Illengo Sito web aziendale: http://www.krilldesign.net See you all soon, Ciao!
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