#20 – Louis Thompson & Nomadic Resorts Tells Us About Award Winning Architecture

I do want you all to learn something from this new episode. After this episode, I’ve decided to go back to the drawing board and see where I would like to take this podcast.

It’s been about 15 episodes (one included my wonderful mother), this has been a great ride for me so far. Interviewing some of the most unique characters and having some awesome interviews about the future and where the world is heading now.

For this episode, we spoke to louis Thompson. He is a founder and award winning architect from Mauritius who has been able to create some of the most interesting projects I’ve ever seen.

The one thing that makes louis’s company truly unique is the fact that they create projects that incorporate nature and the many nomadic journeys of the founder.

One thing you will learn in the podcast, louis has been a nomad for years with him and his family. He has been across the world and have seen so many different forms of architecture that has inspired his work. When it comes to capturing the environments and using sustainable building materials that have a positive impact to the world, you can’t go wrong with Nomadic Resorts.

In this episode, Louis not only gave us more information about his projects but also about the future of our world and how we all can do our part.

Sustainable architecture has been a common theme on all of my interviews. This is one thing that I’ve seen consistently seen on all my podcast episodes. Green design is here to stay and it’s because it needs to be in the minds of all architects. We need to continue to use building materials and emerging technology, not because it’s trending but because it can help the world we live on.

In this podcast, the mission was to give insights from some of the greatest minds in design. I’ve never appreciated architecture and the need for green design until I started recording these episodes. This episode, gives us a look into some of the projects in Dubai and projects in Saudi Arabia that might give you a better look into the future of architecture.

Since living in Dubai, I’ve seen the fascinating architecture that comes with this city. I’ve also seen things that might only happen in this city, such as skiing in malls with artificial snow. Being such a tourist city, it would be interesting to see how Dubai can incorporate more culture in the future. I’m looking forward to the next 50 years of this country. We may come back and have a real life wakanda in the Middle East!

Take a look at our new podcast and learn more about what Louis thinks of architecture and experiential tourism across the globe. We ask him how far he thinks we can go with this form of tourism. He shares such interesting insight on where the industry might be able to go!

I loved this episode, I laughed, and got inspired to motivate others to make a impact on this planet. My focus is to inspire the next generation of architects, interior designers, construction workers, designers, marketers and more. One day, I hope someone looks back at my podcast and gets inspired to take on the world!

We are all here for a limited time so make sure you are doing something that will be remembered. This is what I will be doing now with this podcast, it’s faster then writing a book! Let me know what I should do next with my podcast or if you know someone that might be a great guest, just let me know.

Thank you and enjoy the new episode of the show below!

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