NEVER TOO SMALL: Argentinian Small Corner Terrace Apartment (Opinions)

Hi Property Marketers!

In the video above we get a better look at one of the most unique homes that I have come across on the show. In this small piece, I will break down some of the reasons I have fallen in love with the architecture and design of this building.


One of the things I’ve seen a lot on this show is the use of light within the room. The architect really gives the client a great ability to experience light. The transformation from using an under-utilized space to developing one of the most defining sections of the home, was thrilling to witness. I think light can change your mood and attitude toward this home and can wake you up feeling amazing for the day ahead.

The open balcony and windows that they used to embrace that light shining into the apartment is so key for me. I think this give the apartment more personality and tells visitors that they are now entering into a space with personality.


They used white for most of the apartment and truly goes in line with the theme of this home as the white allows you to truly get an experience within the home. Let me explain. The white compliments the light that is shining through the big open windows. When that lights comes in the morning, the warm white colour allows you to truly feel a sense of calm.

One of the first things you notice in this home is the colour, your eyes are instantly drawn to the clean and almost dream like setting within the apartment. This is the reason colour is so important when speaking about the overall development and renovation of the home. Enrico did a great job of acknowledging both the colour and the light for this apartment and made sure the client had everything they needed to make the small space, much larger!


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