3 Things You Should Know About Podcasting

You may already know this but podcasting is really popular now. Joe Rogen has been able to see millions of dollars go into his wallet because of a deal he signed with Spotify.

I’m not Joe but I started a podcast about a year ago and I have continued to interview new architects that have provided my life with some joy.

This being said, podcasting is not for everyone and there are certain aspects of podcasting that should be brought to light for those who may have some aspirations of starting one. So in this post, I have decided to provide some advice along with some tips for those who need it.

Find People You Truly Want To Interview

Seems simple right? Well from my experience, this is one of the most important parts of having a podcast. You have a vision for the podcast and once you get a bit more popular, you may want to interview everyone and that is not how you grow. You should truly interview people that speak to you and you have a common interest in the story that they would like to share. It should be a experience for you and your guest so make sure, you put the effort in of finding guest that match your vision for the show.

Be Consistent With Your Content

I recently listened to a audiobook called “Be rare and valuable: So good they can’t ignore you”. I bring this up because there is one thing that truly stayed with me, it was the craftsmen mindset. Instead of thinking about your passion, “this is all about me”, “I want this”, you should start thinking about this question: “What can I offer the world? & Will I enjoy the process of starting this one thing?”. This last question is the most relatable thing here. Will you enjoy the process of starting a podcast? Because truly, it can be hard to stay motivated and finding guest can be hard, which can lead to inconsistence.

If you are prepared to start and continue the process you will do great in the podcast game. If you feel you want to continue to look at your analytics and continue to look at “who is listening?” then you may stop after you realize that nobody has been listening to you.

Being consistent is hard when you can’t see the reward right over the horizon, that is why it is so important to find little rewards along the way. Take time to get yourself an ice cream (or something healthy) so you can continue to keep going and working on your craft. For me, I try to look at feedback from others and actually cracking the code or actually finding another person that wants to be interviewed. It is almost like a dopamine rush before I talk to another person, I want to get it done and I never know how its all going to play out. I think that sense of variety, keeps me coming back to podcasting, it helps me make more episodes.

Check out the power of atomic habits too for the reward system I mentioned too so you can continue to be consistent with the podcasting.

Know Your Next Steps

Podcasting is incredibly fulfilling for me. It allows you to meet people from across the globe, share your knowledge of a topic that you enjoy and it keeps you control of the outcome of the program. The idea of having control over next steps, making an impact on the next stage and a place for you to make your creativity run wild, is why I love podcasting. These three things, being creative, having control, and making an impact are both used for picking a job but also for podcasting.

The idea of creating something is so fun but I think the idea of knowing where this podcast will take you is important too. For me, I have no skills in architecture or design, I literally just like the guest and the minds of these amazing people. It is unique to find a group of people that just seriously dedicate their lives to creating buildings that last. “Blessed is he who plants trees under whose shade he will never sit.

I think it’s important to not only start something but know the ending that you hope to provide too. Have the means to the end mapped out. Sure, not everyone needs this but I don’t write for everyone, I write for me. So these are just some of the things that I think you should keep in mind when creating a podcast and making something that last.

No conclusion, thank you for reading!

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