3 Unknown Ways To Market On WhatsApp

Whatsapp has added some great features to transform your business and give you exactly what you need to see great success. Keep in mind that whatsapp is only good if it is right for your audience so only keep reading if you have a audience or looking to build an audience on this platform.

The Profile

Learn about the profile section of whatsapp and you are already on your way to creating success on the platform. You have the ability to truly customize your profile by adding headers, pictures, and words so people can see your status. For me, I feel a great way to take control of your profile is by adding a header that is both engaging and advertises your services.

Using canva you can put a header that does exactly that and more. You can make it clear of your attentions on the platform and help everyone of your contacts to see exactly what you are all about on whatsapp. You can add a header that could say you are all about science or your a sales professional at a fintech company like myself. Whatever it is, make it clear in that header.

Next, you have the ability to put a bio and status in your profile. Take advantage of this too! Try putting some of the ways you can help someone in your bio. This will give people exactly what they need and exactly how you can help them moving forward!

The Status

This might be the most important part of your whatsapp. When you use status updates, you can place some of your most important updates at the front and centre of your operations. Status updates allows you to put stickers, videos, images and be as creative as you want with your post. I would advice you to check out some of the people in your industry and understand what has helped them see success within the story section.

Once you post something interesting, I think it would be a good idea to check who has actually watched your stories and then from there you make an effort to ask them how they might be facing challenges in their industry. This is your time to shine so take advantage of stories in your next marketing campaign.

The Messaging

So the last section is the messaging, you can create a group of dedicated prospects and reach out to them all via whatsapp. You can be a true leader and take advantage of the contacts you already have in your wheel house. You do this by creating groups and then sending broadcast messages that relate to your business and the people in the group.

You have the ability to truly create groups that are perfect for your market, audience, and lead list. Once you choose the best lead list, you must create messaging that isn’t too intrusive and also it should be relevant to the people involved in the group. The most important part of seeing success here is your copywriting and messaging so try your best to even take a copywriting course that can help you even more with the messaging structure.


Whatsapp isn’t a new platform but it can sure be a great asset to you and your business if you choose the right steps. Make a plan and continue to work the plan in everything you do on the platform. Occasionally, you might need to change your approach when it comes to your profile, messaging or your status but that comes with time and learning. Be willing to be different on the platform and you will see results.

All the best to your marketing efforts on whatsapp and please leave a comment if you found this helpful as I continue to look for more content to put on my blog!

Thank you!

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