7 Architecture Studios Using Web3

So looked up a few of the architecture studios within the industry that I thought were both interesting and had great projects on the horizon and current ones too. I thought it would be great idea to show my followers and email listers some of the studios that would show off some of these places to everyone. We will be including some of the different projects that accompany the studios too. 

1. Zaha Hadid 

Photo cred

We all know this iconic studio but in recent times, the team at Zaha Hadid has brought there A game when it comes to these expanding web3 activities. They have built a futuristic looking city that features a variety of buildings including: work spaces, galleries, and a city hall. The city is called Liberland metaverse and you can now purchase land within this metaverse with the help of the team at Zaha. 

What does the principal architect have to say about this? Patrik Schumacher: “We want and need more freedom now, and this can only be achieved by starting fresh with a coalition of enthusiasts and without infringing on incumbent interests.”

Know more about these projects here & here

The team at Zaha Hadid are excited to jump into this market and create some projects that embody the essence of their iconic brand. What are your thoughts on the pictures above? 

2. PLP Architecture

photo cred

This one is more a smaller scale but the team at PLP architecture have created about 5,000 skyscraper NFT’s for purchase. For me, this seems like its all for the dollars as the article here gives us that impression as they have citied the millions made from the popular NFT collage from Beeple. I believe more firms will dive right into this as popular continues to grow within the web3 space. 

So what did the head of digital technology say about this? Richard Woolsgrove: “We certainly are in the first wave of studios that are testing the waters and committing to exploring what our collective role is in this new world,”

I’m unsure where an architecture studio can take NFT’s but its a wide market that could just need a creative mind to truly tap the potential of this Web3 activity. You don’t know what NFT’s are? Well check out this link here.

3. Mercurio Design Lab 

This architecture studio is one of the most true metaverse studios on the list with a complete section on the website for just metaverse related projects. With the metaverse being so new, everyone wants a piece so this architecture studio decided to create their entire headquarters within there version of the metaverse. Allowing themselves to truly reach the sky’s when it came to the creativity of their location. You can check out all the photos above. 

What did Mercurio Design say about their creation? MASSIMO MERCURIO: ” The laws of physics do not apply in the metaverse, so our imagination is free to run wild. Pure creativity is the basis of our office design” 

What are your thoughts on letting your creativity reach new heights within this new world? I think it could really take the constraints off when it comes to new architects and as we will see in #7, new architects are taking advantage of this new method building too. 

4. Noor Architects

Photo cred

Next up is Noor Architects. This studio has now opened up their own studio inside the virtual world and are looking to explore further ways they can use web3 activities to further develop within this expanding realm. The principle architect is no stranger to creating within the virtual world and has built prototypes within this expanding industry in the past. For me, I feel like this is an easy place for more studios to involve into because architects are already on the computer dealing with renders all day, just seems like an obvious place to be if you’re an architect. 

Anyway, here is what the principle architect had to say: Noor Dasmesh Singh: ” Our practice studio in the metaverse is a natural extension of our [over a decade old] studio in Chandigarh. It does circle back to one of the germ ideas of the metaverse – customisable and constantly evolving avatars.”

5. BIG

photo cred

With one of my favourite principle architects on this list, Bjorke ingels has to be one of the most forward thinking minds the architecture industry has right now. Recently, his firm constructed a new office building for Vice Media Group called Viceverse. This is the first time the firm has walked into this realm and they are calling it a “experiential playground”. 

The creative director for Vice Media Group had this to say about the project: “It’s an extremely organic building, we can install an entire floor in a day so we see it as an experimental playground and canvas on which to build,”

Are you excited to see more projects like this within the new virtual world of architecture? I am excited to see how far the creative mind of Bjorke, can take this firm as he has had some fantastic ideas in the past. 

6. Voxel Architects 

So also on this list is Voxel. They are a group of architects that describe themselves as a metaverse native digital architecture studio. The firm creates exceptional work within the new world of architecture and just continue to defy the odds when it comes to new projects. 

Like most of the other firms of the list, Voxel utilizes different metaverses such as Sandbox, decentraland and more to create their projects. For those who may not be aware, there is still no “one and only” metaverse. There are a variety of places that these architecture studios use to create and buy land so they can create projects on them. Anyone can go and buy land within one of these places and start creating, but not everyone has the creativity and minds of some of these amazing architects on the list. 

Just something to keep in mind. 

7. Spaces 

Finally on this list is a newcomer to the scene. The Spaces brand was developed by a young architect in Madrid that was recently featured in a IE university video that explains the metaverse a lot better for those who may not have a clue as to what this blog was all about until now. 

You can check out the video linked below. Also make sure to check back to this new architecture firm that focuses on creating creative projects that defy what we believe is possible. 


Now, as you could tell by the list, these are massive names and some of the best in the industry along with some newcomers too. It was a fun list of some of the studios that are taking advantage of such a rise in this new technology. Looking forward to seeing who else finds themselves using a variety of technologies within the Web3 space to create some amazing projects. 

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