Breaking Into Social Media For The First Time: Step-By-Step

So you’re looking to break into the social media scene and your audience is salivating to see your business in action now. Well, I have news for you! It takes time and effort to see success in the social media scene and it also takes a little help from your friend Cole. In this new blog post, we will be speaking about a step-by-step way for you to see success within social media and get your business running in the right way.

We will speak about a process that you can use to see success when it comes to finding your audience, evaluating the competition, creating a plan for yourself and how you can have some extra help (if you need it). So let’s get right into the post shall we!

Evaluate The Competition

You need to evaluate your competition and get a better idea of what you would like to accomplish online and on social media. It is paramount to acknowledge that you might not know everything in this game of social media because there has been several people before you that have been using these platforms to make magic. So how can you evaluate? You can start by looking at the leaders in your industry. What people are doing well? Who can you reach out? Who is willing to help you see success?

These are some of the questions you need to be able to ask yourself as you move into this journey of finding your best self on social media. You also need to understand that there are different influencers on all of these platforms that you need to be made aware of when you are trying to get more popular. There are people who have being doing this for a while, so get familiar and make yourself a standout character in the world of social media.

Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat, and the list goes on and on. These are all different places that you can use to build your brand but essentially they all require you to evaluate the competition and evaluate your place in all of this massive world of social media.

Understand The Potential Target Markets

Next, we are talking about your target market. What the heck is a target market? It is the people you are trying to reach and this must be the most important part of your life online. Make yourself a expert at social media by evaluating the potential target and getting familiar with them as you move forward.

One way to do this? Get going with your commenting, value selling and just outright caring about your target market has to say about your product. Once you actually know who you are targeting, you better go after them with all your marketing. This means that you will spend time maintaining that relationship. Your target market may look around at other people while you are in a relationship with them but you can keep them around by providing value and giving them some sort of reason to keep coming back and seeing your content.

People are always going to look around and your target market might change on this journey through the cosmos… I mean your journey through social media. A piece of advice for you would be to evaluate who is actually commenting, liking and viewing your post on these sites and prioritize these people and show them that you appreciate them and having them around in your life.

Make an effort to show you care and you will keep your target market around for a long time.

Create Your Plan Of Action

Yes, you need a plan of action because then you are like that headless horse man that you hear about in all those stories. Sure, he might know where he is going out of habit but for you, you need a plan so you can continue to see success with your target audience that we just finished speaking about before. So how do you create this plan? You take the information that you know already and make a schedule for yourself. This is often called a content calendar for those who are new to this marketing stuff.

How do I make one of these Cole? Well I’d suggest you come up with a few brainstorm ideas before you start making a plan for yourself. One of the ways that I have been able to see at-least some success with what I am doing in my life is by taking a notepad and just writing everything down like a mad man. Take the time to just write down whatever may come to your head on a piece of paper and start the whirlwind of magic.

You are the master of this plan, you can create amazing content by just taking the time to actually evaluate your ideas and put them on the calendar. One more thing, you should make the calendar by not just writing all your ideas per day. Make it easier on yourself, make theme content that you can use for the week because that is a good way to truly make a habit of it all. When things are easier to do, we tend to do them better so try this out for yourself and see if it helps you in your creations.

Maintain And Update Your Plan

Yes, you will need to continue to maintain the plan and keep it working for a long period of time. Once you step into the world of social media, there is no going back to the life that you had before you started doing this. Make an effort to update and maintain your content because this is how people will continue to take notice of your efforts and keep coming back to see what you are going to come up with next!

When you are consistent with your content people will start calling you out and they will start commenting on the fact that you are being constant with the value you are providing to the world. So how do you continue to do this? Make reminders for yourself or your budding company. Tons and tons of apps for this one people. You can use apps that allow you to be as effective as possible. These apps will give you a constant reminder to post, to comment, or post another video so people can come back and pay attention.

I would like you to be the best person and most unique person on the planet with your budding content so I would recommend you get a team. Make a team that you can use to hold you accountable for the many actions you are doing on social media. This is the best way for your business to grow. I find the best way to do this is by giving a friend the sole right of reminding (or kicking) you to get things done. Let’s make something incredible, get yourself some help if you need to maintain and continue your success on social media.

All Else Fails? Call Me

This post was partially made to advertise that I would like to help more people with social media because I have been able to see success on a variety of platforms. I have tried them all and I would now like to see you success within your business.

Breaking into social media is difficult because people do not want to maintain these posts. Like I said in this post, people have to understand that you will not be successful if you are not consistent on social media so get started!

If all else fails, call me. Call me because I am willing to help you see more with your business. You are more powerful than you think and can create several things online that bring value to the world. Make an effort to do something great with your life and when all else fails, I would like to offer my services to help you grow your business and potentially get your blog post on the first page of Google like me.


Alright so that is the blog post for today. I would like to see if anyone actually took these lessons to heart and to see if I have actually made a dent on someones life. The only thing, I would like to do with everyone of my blog post is to actually give people some value because at this point in my life, I am looking for some purpose. Looking for something to give the world. This is why I make podcast, videos, blog post, everything.

So to summarize, evaluate your competition because they may help you move forward in your quest for social media supremacy. Next, understand your potential targets because these are people that will bring in the leads that you need to continue the success of your business. Next, create a plan that will outline the ideas and content that will help you become an influencer in the future. Next, maintain that plan and continue to create on a constant basis so you can finally get more people to check out your content. Then, if all else fails, call Cole because he has been making blog post and more to help you run your business.


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