Super Short Marketing Tips #6

Stop overthinking your marketing tactics and just post something!

This is a lesson that I have been trying to learn for some time now and continually come back to when it comes to my marketing strategy. Sometimes, the best way to post on social media is to stop overthinking all the many thoughts in your head and just give it a go.

The biggest part of it all is actually putting something into the atmosphere, even if it might be short or sloppy, it is still something that comes from you. In a world where everyone is trying to put out the “perfect” piece of viral content, it would be refreshing for everyone online to see that you are putting whatever you want out there. There are several people that are waiting to post because they think it isn’t good enough or scared to post at all, you can be the other person.

Taking the time and posting something good is fine but for me, actually being consistent with something, even though it may be short, can make a world of difference for your audience and growth on social media.

Thank you!

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