Super Short Marketing Tips #10 – Location Marketing

In a night, you can be branded differently via one incident. Pay attention to your image on Google maps and make sure your business is visible on some of the most popular sites on the internet.

Have you set up your business on Google already?

Business that are set up on Google Maps and are visible to the billions of people that use the platform every month to find new stores and businesses.

My suggestion today is to experiment with the Google maps algorithm more. You might come up with a viral piece of content that can end up on the news.

The above example isn’t perfect but it shows how you can truly brand yourself, so easily on Google Maps and truly generate so much viral content.

Make an impression on Google Maps and brand your business so that people can find it when they search up keyword terms. Pay attention to your Search Optimization and if you need help? Check out my previous blog post about the subject here.

Let me know if this helps and check out more tips below:

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