Where Do Architects Stay? – Podcast Series

Everyone, we have start a new series where we explore some of the many places that an architects stays across the globe. We will be interviewing architects along with some of the people behind the homes that we think are unique and interesting enough for you to take a look at!

These can be homes from across the world and people from everyone on the planet. We hope to shine light on some of the many places that we can step into and actually stay within this world. My hope is to bring light to the people that create, live and inspire us all to talk and share experiences. This is your chance to have more insight into the world of the architect and take a look at actual places that you can visit for yourself along your journey.

So the question now is, who is the first guest? Well we have someone who has spoken on her own TED talk about the subject of nomad travel along with architecture and the many ways we have been able to see success while traveling abroad. Adi Cohen has been able to see some of the many places this world has to offer and I thought I’d include this little post to speak about some of the types of places that Adi has visited below.

Sit tight!

Cement Homes:

Cement homes are a great place to stay. Especially when it comes to cement pipes. These have been used in a project in Hong Kong in the past for a project called PODS. These pipes can be excellent places for people who would like to live in an alternative structure that isn’t your basic vacation.

Would you be up to live in one of these structures?

These can be a great structure for a temporary stay. For me, it looks a bit cramped but I think it could be one of those one time experiences that you might be interested in experiences in the future.

Trailer Parks:

Now you have seen these a few times I imagine. Trailers have been used for a long time now to be used for living in alternative units and for people who can’t afford to pay for the big homes. Did you know there was a trailer park mall in Georgetown, Seattle? You can visit this trailer along with several others to get your trailer park fill on this journey through the city.

Seattle is actually one of the best places to visit some awesome structures. There are several people out there that has create incredible structures that have truly helped enhance the city and help people live alternatively. One person that does this well is Kristie Wolfe! She has actually built awesome structures across the globe including Washington state. Check out one of her structures in the video below:

Eco-Building Block Homes:

This one is special. In Guatemala there is a group of people who are creating homes with eco friendly materials. This just shows how anything can be used to create something fantastic over the course of time. There are so many sustainable materials that you can mesh together to create magic. This is why I have chosen to highlight some of these efforts and you can click this link to view more.

The one pictured below was created by earthbags which are soil that has been placed into bags that can be used to create homes. This is one is really interesting because the entire community in these photos on the link above are getting involved to create these structures. I think we should endorse these actions and show your support so check on the site to see how you might be able to do such a thing.

Tiny Homes:

Now we have spoke about tiny homes several times on my podcast but I thought it was interesting to hear the perspective on Adi in this episode as she continues to create great experiences. I thought it would be a great way for everyone to see some of the many ways you can live comfortably by having less. It was great to hear more about Adi’s adventures in this episode and since you have read this far, I thought I’d gift you with the first podcast episode of the series below:

Tiny homes have been a major part of the podcast, they are an excellent way to live within your means and not take up too much land in the process. As someone who wouldn’t mind staying in a tiny house in the future, I thought it was interesting to hear more about some of the minimalist designs that Adi had in mind for her future projects. Tiny homes have started to trend in recent years as more people opt to have these small experiences in the mountains and in the trees. Check out Airbnb to find your next experience within a tiny home. Let me know your thoughts!


As we continue to help you build and construct homes in a more unique way, I would like to see everything we can do to help architects in the future with projects. It would be great to hear more about some of these incredible architects of unique projects. As we continue with this new series, my hope is that we can have better insight into the world of unique and alternative living so we can get the insight to create some of the homes of the future. Looking forward to interviewing more people in the future and create a podcast that you all will look even more. We will get the biggest architects on this show and this will be one of the most important shows of the architecture community. Looking forward to hearing from you and enjoy this first episode!

What else have I been writing about my podcast? See below:

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