Super Short Marketing Tips #16 – Label It

Google label your most important prospects, meetings, and more to see increase productivity on your personal front and the marketing side of life. 

When you take the time to set up labels for yourself in your gmail, outlook or whatever you might be using, you set the standard for the rest of your day. By labeling your emails, you invite organization into your life and allow yourself to be more aware of upcoming events. One of the biggest steps I’ve been taking with my new job is setting a set of organized labels that set up some of the things that I need to complete or things that could push my marketing forward. 

It could be labeling your next meeting, your next content campaign or whatever else! You can make a great impact on your productivity when you take the time to stay organized with labeling and start seeing yourself as a person that continues to improve themselves from the inside out. 

Check back tomorrow for another super short marketing tip! 

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