Super Short Marketing Tips #20 – Nostalgia Marketing

Play on the nostalgia of life in your next marketing plan.

Nostalgia has been the biggest provider of marketing success and company success when it comes to the recent workings of this new era. From Tik Tok, NFT’s to Pokemon Go? These are just some of the places that people are continually drawn into the nostalgia of the situation.

When it comes to marketing with nostalgia, it is important to do your research and understand the market that you are dealing with here. If you are Gen Z, you might be able to start your research with Tik Tok and see some of the awesome creators out there. Some of these creators continue to see increased volumes and audiences by playing on the nostalgia of old TV shows and the appeal of these older 90s classic products and imagery.

I feel nostalgia is also one way to provide true value while being creative and fun at the same time. People love a good call back or shout out so get cracking on finding ways to use nostalgia to your advantage in your next campaign!

Check out more tips for your day, below:

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