Super Short Marketing Tips #25 – Stop Thriving For Perfect

Stop trying to be perfect with your marketing content, just create it.

Create your marketing content and focus on the value that you can bring to someone else’s life. You may not have the perfect post because in all honesty, the perfect post does not exist. You will search the ends of the earth for the perfect content but sometimes you need to be satisfied with the content you have in front of you. Stop looking around at others and wishing you had what they had (such as more followers, bigger audience). Do not envy or thrive for the perfect post, look at people in a way to helps you succeed.

Bring value to those around you and you will be able to see success no matter who views your post. It is important that you are happy with the marketing because when you are happy, you won’t have to care about perfect, because you will have something that is perfectly adequate in your eyes.

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