Super Short Marketing Tips #29 – Be Useful

Be useful with your social media post.

Bring some useful tips, recommendations or other things that bring value to someone else’s life when it comes to posting on social media. When you bring someone value, you get likes and attention in return because it’s not always about you. It is not always about you, it is usually about your customers and audience. It doesn’t matter what you are posting, people love when something actually makes them think about themselves.

I think deep down we all really just care about our wellbeing, that is why when a social media account actually brings value to someone’s life, it can mean attention for your brand. Why? Because when someone finds value in your post, they remember the brand that made them feel something good. When a brand actually takes the time to think: “Will this actually bring value to my audience?” then things start to change for the better.

Be the person that thinks about the value that you will bring to the world by being… useful!

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