Super Short Marketing Tips #31 – Be Random

Be random and come up with random things when ever seems to be normal with their marketing practices.

Be the odd one out when people seem to have the tendency to just want to chill out. You can be the person that stands out and finds a way to solve a problem or see a solution in a new light. Truly accepting your random nature can be a true gift to your company. For example, creating gifs whenever seems to be sending generic video to their prospects. This can be one way to stand out and get a response from someone you have been chasing for a long time.

When you find ways to be unconventional you might find that you are the most creative person in the room. You can level up your life when you allow all that random energy to burst through the seams when everyone else wants to be acceptable for the crowd. Acting on your random behaviour (of course in the lawful way) can truly have a positive impact on those around you and could inspire people to take steps to reinvent themselves for the better. Be random today and let me know if it helps you grow as a person. Thank you!

Check back tomorrow because I love giving you tips:

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