Super Short Marketing Tips #32 – Copywriting & Emojis

You should use emoji’s when it comes to your writing on Linkedin.

Now Linkedin has been known as a more professional platform in the past but recently it has truly become a place that you can really express yourself. The platform has become a place where people post about their day and their lives to the people across their budding network. It has now become a great way to let people know what is going on your life.

One way to get people’s attention when it comes to writing about your life? Using the right amount of emojis and sarcasm. Emoji’s can allow you to gain attention on the initial post by using emoji’s that capture your network such as alarm emoji’s because the colour red has been known to draw attention (Its true, look it up!). So try to use emoji’s that can evoke emotion from your audience and pay attention to what works for the people in your network. You might find that people like your copywriting and some people might outright hate it but I suggest you use emoji’s regardless.

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