Super Short Marketing Tips #34 – Personal Brand

Everyone should fined a way to grow their own personal brand online.

One of the best forms of marketing is your own personal marketing for yourself. What do I mean by this? I mean you should have an online presence, no matter what that might mean for you. If its LinkedIn, making a blog, website, youtube commenter, whatever it might be, you should create an online presence for yourself. What are the benefits? Well an online presence could mean more business for you in the future, it could also mean more of a larger network for yourself. When you build an online brand, you could be seeing a dramatic increase in your overall brand marketing.

If you are a larger enterprise, I would suggest each employee build themselves online because this means more people will know the employee along with the overall brand. Several companies are already doing this online and it is becoming more common for employees to grow their personal brand. Companies want to grow and get as much ROI from their employees as possible so I predict more people will be looking to build their employees brands online in the future. Start to build yours today!

Check out my tips for you here:

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