Super Short Marketing Tips #39 – Community = Money

Build a community around your interest and watch the profits grow.

Making a community can be one of the most lucrative things you can do for your brand. I have seen several brands that have build massive communities around an idea that has resinated with a group of people. It allows you to tap into a group of people that truly believe in your vision and ideologies. When you build a community, you are building a group of potential customers and a group of people that you can trust. When trust comes into the picture, people tend to feel more comfortable with doing business with that brand.

Create a circle of trust where your community members can truly share opinions and have a safe place to actually talk about some of the updates within a certain ideology. Make a effort to truly attract people that are interested in what you would like to say. You have the ability to create and build brands that are lucrative and creative but it all starts with that community and how you create a circle of trust that helps your business grow.

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