Super Short Marketing Tips #44 – Just Relax

Just relax and you might find the answer to your problems. 

Sometimes the most simplest of acts can lead to some of the great results. For example, when you give a small gift to someone that you care about or when you message someone on there birthday. These thing can have a big impact on the people you are with and the people that you want to reach to. Imagine you have a prospect that you are trying to reach with your campaign. A simple act could be to give them a small message when they have a work anniversary. These are things that can change the course of your history with that person. 

Make someone incredibly happy by taking the time to relax and do something great for someone you care about. Whether it be giving some feedback on something a person did on a new campaign or project. Make a collective effort in the work environment to make people’s lives easier and make everyone in the office feel comfortable while ensuring their opinions are heard too. This is an easy tip to implement when you are looking to rally your team on a new project. Try it out and let me know your thoughts.

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