Super Short Marketing Tips #45 – Do It Anyway

Even if its not in your job description, do it anyway.

You will thank me later for this one. Try to do things that may seem out of your job description but can lead to further opportunities for your team and for your career. For example, coaching someone that might need help with a certain project because they are new on the software. This can mean a world of difference for someone and it can make you look amazing too with your superiors. When you take the time to analyze the situation and look for more ways to make others happy, you may find that this can make you happy too.

When you try to do something that is out of your job description but you do it anyway, you might find yourself in a better state of mind. Sometimes our lives can seem like work, work, work but when you can find ways to make your work a product of your self development, you might find that things can swim easier for you. For example, you are starting a marketing campaign with your team and you see someone that may not understand everything about the different lingo. You can talk to this person privately and explain the different questions that they have about the project so you can feel happy and the project can run more smoothly.

Take time to do things outside of your daily routine and let me know the results!

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