Super Short Marketing Tips #49 – Surprise Them

Surprise your audience with something unforgettable.

As your audience continues to see your content, you must continue to bring them content that is surprising and entertaining for them. This can be a very difficult task for a lot people so it takes brainstorming and it takes a better understanding of your audience. Your audience are a group of people that continue to see so much content on a daily, they are always looking for something new. You have the ability to capture their attention but it takes a conscience effort to continue to look for more ways to make them happy and make them continue to come back for more.

We all have the ability to change the minds of others and surprise them. We need to tap into that power and come up with more ways to make your audience entertained and enthusiastic about your next post. There are several ways of doing this but one of the ways that I use is doing a full breakdown on my audience so I can better understand what they would like in the future. Along with this, your competitors are another great way of finding more creative ways to surprise and entertain your audience too. So tap into these resources and let me know how you are surprising your audience in the comments.

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