Super Short Marketing Tips #51 – Make Them Comfortable

Make your audience comfortable with the type of content you put on the internet.

What do you mean Cole? Well for me, the best content on blogs and post come with a sense of familiarity and your audience recognizes this familiarity. They look for those little things that they liked in the past about your post and then continue to look for that over and over again. You need to make your audience feel comfortable by putting out different themes that are similar to what they are used to. Even using colours can bring that comfort to your audience. When you use the right formula, you can make sure that your audience continues to come back for more content.

As we continue to look for ways to provide that comfort to our audience, it is important to remember the themes that truly gravitated with your audience. You must continue to supply them with that content that has truly captured their attention and hearts. Make every effort to have those familiar places and colours and themes that can help them recognize your brand and your motivations. Make your audience comfortable and they will continue to look for more content from you in the future.

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