Super Short Marketing Tips #53 – Creative Email Headers

Creative email headers can be the difference between success and failure.

When someone sees a email from a random person they are more likely to not look at the email then read it. This is your chance to grab their attention in the first thing that they look at, which is the email header. This has to be one of the most important parts of the email that needs to be discussed. You must be able to grab that attention by researching and looking at how your product can have some similarities with the goal of the company. What do I mean? Well I just think you should know what the company does and then create something either cheesy or something unique. It can literally be anything that you find would grab the persons attention but not offend that person either.

Making email headers can be your most important part of the email campaign and it can lead to a world of opportunity for you and your brand. If this is done right, the email header can be a creative way to open up a email or open up a new conversation with someone that already said that they were not interested in your product. Continue to seek a new level of wittiness with your email headers and seek to gain the customers reply rather than make them upset.

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