Super Short Marketing Tips #54 – Saying No

Saying no to different ideas can lead to some of the best actions of your company.

I recently read a quote from Steve jobs about how he was thankful that they said no to so many projects while working with Apple. These no’s had an incredible effect on the success of the company because now the brand was able to grow in a consistent direction without the constant change. Sometimes, focusing on one aspect of the company can create some of the most important developments within your life and your marketing agency. For me, it is so important to give ideas time to develop and constantly evolve with that new project as time continues.

Recently, I figured out that consistency matters greatly to the success of your personal development and your marketing business too. When you have a certain level of focus on something, everything else may take a back seat but sometimes that is such a life saver for you too. When you allow your time to be dedicated to getting better at one thing, it can truly evolve into something fantastic for your life. Open the door to consistency, it is a gift that continues to give you returns so give it a try and let me know if you see roses or thorns.

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