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Time has flew everyone. My blog has amassed a tremendous following with the help of my curated post and SEO.

I have moved to Dubai and I have learned a lot about marketing, technology and architecture. I have a passion for people and looking to bring my experience to this new city.

Dubai is one of the cities that most of us can only dream about in our lives. From my experience there are a lot of aspects to Dubai that make it such a great place to live. This can be the family aspect to it, the real estate, and the career potential.

Currently, I work for a marketing agency in Dubai. We specialize in events, webinars, telesales campaigns and PR too. This page is dedicated to promoting all my efforts in my career. It would be great if you all can find time to support my efforts by passing along my contacts for business inquiries!

Feel free to touch base with me through the links provide and I look forward to speaking with you sooner in the future!

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WHATSAPP ONLY: +971 50 539 9373

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