Beginners Guide To Stop Overworking Yourself

You know the biggest problem facing most people who work from home right now? Overworking and not giving time to themselves and how they feel at this current moment. Have you ever asked yourself why you are working 10 hours after you have completed everything you had to complete for today? Have you ever wonderedContinue reading “Beginners Guide To Stop Overworking Yourself”

The Importance Of Having A Plan For Yourself

This one is long overdue for me. I see it all the time with people my age and people not in my age range. When you think about any amount of time, you should think about having some sort of plan for anything you are doing. We could be speaking about relationships, careers, or simpleContinue reading “The Importance Of Having A Plan For Yourself”

The Prop Marketer Show – New Podcast + Blog Updates

What have you done so far in 2021? This is the question that I asked myself before creating this new podcast. Over the course of this year so far, the blog has progressed but the breaks had to be put on this due to my real estate exam. My content has taken a hit soContinue reading “The Prop Marketer Show – New Podcast + Blog Updates”

10 Most Unique Places To Market Your Brand

Let’s get right to the point. You need to build a brand in 2021 and you are running out of places to do it! As this pandemic continues to wage war on our favourite networking events, it may seem harder to find the right places to truly connect with your audience. We see the normalContinue reading “10 Most Unique Places To Market Your Brand”

Tips We Can Use To Move Forward In Life

The ultimate goal for us all is staying focused on a task at hand and moving in the direction we have chosen for ourselves! We should all be making decisions that help us accomplish goals we set out for our lives. Whether that goal is financial gain, finding positive friendships, or surrounding yourself with likemindedContinue reading “Tips We Can Use To Move Forward In Life”

The Great Debate Of Renting Vs Owning In Canada

According to a article by Better Dwelling, Canada’s house price-to-rent ratio, the difference in renting and buying, is one of the highest in the world. It’s obvious to see why this is a real debate throughout Canada. As homes continue to go on a upward climb, renting will only increase in popularity, especially with millennials.Continue reading “The Great Debate Of Renting Vs Owning In Canada”

This Toronto Condo Development Will Make You Drop Everything

So I’ve been doing my research on the upcoming condos in my city and I’ve been losing my mind! There are so many new and interesting developments that are coming to Toronto that you all need to see. I’m not one to write about these things but this one has made me want to dropContinue reading “This Toronto Condo Development Will Make You Drop Everything”

Could Your New Home Be Inside A Redesigned Store Front?

Yes, we have seen it. The articles about how malls, plazas and other brick and mortar shops could be moving into a new stage of development. What does this mean for you as the consumer? And what does this mean for the real estate market as a whole? It’s time to share a few pointsContinue reading “Could Your New Home Be Inside A Redesigned Store Front?”

Here Is What We Can Learn From The Wealthiest Real Estate Agents

I find it interesting that the top real estate agent in the world has built his wealth through the use of a cloud based listing platform. This shows me that their is more to real estate then meets the eye. You can’t expect to be the best or highest earner by using the conventional waysContinue reading “Here Is What We Can Learn From The Wealthiest Real Estate Agents”

5 Ways Podcast Will Change Your Business Forever

Podcast have become a essential form of marketing for your business. As more and more people discover the benefits of this form of marketing, it’s time to get onboard. Here are 5 ways making a podcast can help your business grow: Helps build a reputation: As you speak on your podcast, more people are gettingContinue reading “5 Ways Podcast Will Change Your Business Forever”