Random Industry Marketing Ideas #1: Property

How do we actually market property? Well for most of us we let a real estate agent handle the marketing. So how does that real estate agent handle things? Usually the realtor is asked to sell the property and market it on social media sites and post it everywhere for everyone to see. I findContinue reading “Random Industry Marketing Ideas #1: Property”

How To Have A Successful Live Event On LinkedIn

The most successful people are on LinkedIn. It has now become a requirement to have a LinkedIn if you would like to build a business. With so many different upgrades every month or so, there are so many different features that you can learn on LinkedIn that will help your business grow to new heights.Continue reading “How To Have A Successful Live Event On LinkedIn”

Find Influencers For Your Business Today: Step-By-Step Guide

One of the most popular forms of marketing in 2021 is influencer marketing. Every day people are reaching out to influencers to sell products and services while offering handsome rewards to the influencer themselves. Through the use of incentives and other rewards, these influencers are given tons of reasons to sign up for a brandContinue reading “Find Influencers For Your Business Today: Step-By-Step Guide”

Episode #8 – Can We Build 3D Printed Homes On Mars? We Ask Dr. Peter Staritz

We are BACK everyone for another podcast episode! In this new episode of the show we take you through a project being worked on by the students of Taylor University. The project is all about 3D Printing and the many implementations that are involved with this industry. In this new podcast episode we take youContinue reading “Episode #8 – Can We Build 3D Printed Homes On Mars? We Ask Dr. Peter Staritz”

5 Best Tips To Sell & Build A Business In Latin America

Latin America is one of the most lucrative places to do business. With several countries involved, Latin America is a major contributor to several of the worlds resources. Each country in Latin America has its own style and culture which gives them a unique perspective when it comes to sales. When it comes to doingContinue reading “5 Best Tips To Sell & Build A Business In Latin America”

Beginners Guide To Social Media Strategy 2021

Social media has changed over the years. It has turned into a way for you to not only connect with people but also a place where you can monetize your life and be successful just based on your image. As more mediums and more features continue to appear all over the internet we are constantlyContinue reading “Beginners Guide To Social Media Strategy 2021”

10 Skills To Increase Your Ability To Sell

Selling is one of the hardest things to do in anyones career. The ability to sell yourself can help you do some much with your career and take you to so many places in your life. The act of actually selling yourself goes so much farther than just selling products or services for companies. BeingContinue reading “10 Skills To Increase Your Ability To Sell”

New Podcast: Tiny Homes With Craig Ebersole

Hi everyone, We just released another podcast for everyone to enjoy! This is a special one because this is my first interview with a actual tiny home owner! It would be great if everyone could take a listen to this one and tell me what you think! We had some technical difficulties around the endContinue reading “New Podcast: Tiny Homes With Craig Ebersole”

STOP Cold Emailing & START Giving Valuable Content

I see it all the time. You go out of your way to get that email and you jump through hoops to get that email on a constant basis. You are obsessed with the idea of making these long email list without even considering who these people are and why they might be interested inContinue reading “STOP Cold Emailing & START Giving Valuable Content”

What Marketing Should You Focus On If You Are A Startup?

When you are just starting out on your business. It takes time to see results and see revenue. This deters a lot of people from actually allocating the right amount of time to focusing on the right area of marketing. Whether you are in the area of fin tech, construction or e-commerce, you need toContinue reading “What Marketing Should You Focus On If You Are A Startup?”