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Super Short Marketing Tips #55 – Find Balance

Find balance in your priorities so you can make yourself happier. When we find a balance in our day we can have an incredible time on our jobs. One of the most important parts of your day should be defining that daily balance that you need to make your day more productive. By this I […]

Super Short Marketing Tips #54 – Saying No

Saying no to different ideas can lead to some of the best actions of your company. I recently read a quote from Steve jobs about how he was thankful that they said no to so many projects while working with Apple. These no’s had an incredible effect on the success of the company because now […]

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Super Short Marketing Tips #53 – Creative Email Headers

Creative email headers can be the difference between success and failure. When someone sees a email from a random person they are more likely to not look at the email then read it. This is your chance to grab their attention in the first thing that they look at, which is the email header. This […]

Super Short Marketing Tips #52 – Don’t Relapse

When you think you are about to reach a new stage of your business, don’t relapse into bad habits. When you have finally kick started your marketing agency and you have seen some sales, don’t fold into bad habits. As your business grows, your habits and mindset should continue to advance too. You should become […]

Super Short Marketing Tips #51 – Make Them Comfortable

Make your audience comfortable with the type of content you put on the internet. What do you mean Cole? Well for me, the best content on blogs and post come with a sense of familiarity and your audience recognizes this familiarity. They look for those little things that they liked in the past about your […]

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