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Super Short Marketing Tips #15 – Hashtag Template

Make a hashtag template and write it in your notes. I find this tip has saved me so much time with my business and writing blog post. It allows you to write down some of the most important hashtags that you would like to display on your post or your blog post. This is how […]

Super Short Marketing Tips #14 – Comment On Viral Post

Comment on viral post. This is a great tactic for your content and channel to get noticed by people who loved the original post. Whether it be on Youtube or LinkedIn or another platform, people are intrigued by the comments that happen to be under the post. When you look at the post, you can […]

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Where Do Architects Stay? – Podcast Series

Everyone, we have start a new series where we explore some of the many places that an architects stays across the globe. We will be interviewing architects along with some of the people behind the homes that we think are unique and interesting enough for you to take a look at! These can be homes […]

Super Short Marketing Tips #13 – Keep A Journal

Keep a journal. The journal will be used to write down all the many ideas that come to your head throughout the day. With this journal you will be able to write down any sort of plans, ideas and other aspirations you might have for your day, week, month or year. Its a great way […]

Super Short Marketing Tips #12 – Viral Video Idea

Make a video that relaxes people and then shove your brand into the ending of it. Not a sounds marketing practice but I have seen this done over and over again with other youtubers and people buy! The idea of placing your sponsor in the video allows you to get extra income along with shoutouting […]

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