Daily Props Marketing Ideas #1: Snapchat

Today is the day you decide to bring your business on Snapchat. Snapchat has a total number of 360 million users with a daily active user count of 218 million. This is a loyal fan base that creates about 3 billion pieces of content daily. Snapchat ads are cheaper then Facebook and Instagram ads andContinue reading “Daily Props Marketing Ideas #1: Snapchat”

Instagram Is Here To Stay

Welcome to Silicon Valley. This is the place where coding dreams come true. Many developers have succeeded in creating products and services that have changed our lives. From rockets to social media, Silicon Valley has been the place for it all. Instagram plays out the same way. 2 developers learn coding and create one ofContinue reading “Instagram Is Here To Stay”

The Most Important Marketing Tip

Hundreds of people marching, understanding the momentous situation they took to the streets. Using digital media, radio, posters and signs they were able to convey a powerful message. Getting a message across was the main goal. Failing to influence the future was never in the cards for these men and women. These are the braveContinue reading “The Most Important Marketing Tip”