STOP Cold Emailing & START Giving Valuable Content

I see it all the time. You go out of your way to get that email and you jump through hoops to get that email on a constant basis. You are obsessed with the idea of making these long email list without even considering who these people are and why they might be interested inContinue reading “STOP Cold Emailing & START Giving Valuable Content”

Podcast #4: Spanish Hostels

If you didn’t already know. I have a podcast that I update each week. This week I decided to divert from the first few by focusing on a country and a property that I feel will be experiencing a lot of changes! Take a look at my new podcast and let know what you thinkContinue reading “Podcast #4: Spanish Hostels”

Daily Props Marketing Ideas #2: Online Events

As a virus plagues the world we have been forced to utilize this form of marketing. The competition is heating up as more people begin to host Live chats, webinars, online conference, social games, and online calls. No matter what stage of your business, you need to start utilizing these forms of marketing today! IContinue reading “Daily Props Marketing Ideas #2: Online Events”