STOP Cold Emailing & START Giving Valuable Content

I see it all the time. You go out of your way to get that email and you jump through hoops to get that email on a constant basis. You are obsessed with the idea of making these long email list without even considering who these people are and why they might be interested inContinue reading “STOP Cold Emailing & START Giving Valuable Content”

4 Ways To Monetize Your Youtube: Beginners Guide

Today we are stepping into the idea of monetizing your Youtube channel. This is a deviation from my usual marketing post and I would love to see some feedback, as to how you all like it! Do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (after Google)? This platform hasContinue reading “4 Ways To Monetize Your Youtube: Beginners Guide”

How To Use Google Sites For Affiliate Marketing: Step-By-Step Guide

I will tell you in this post the easiest way to get started on using Google sites and the best way to use it for affiliate marketing. First things first, what is affiliate marketing and why should you care about this form of marketing in 2021? Well affiliate marketing is a relatively new form ofContinue reading “How To Use Google Sites For Affiliate Marketing: Step-By-Step Guide”