3 Things To Consider When Moving To The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

When it comes to Dubai it is hard to miss the Palm Jumeirah and the beauty that comes with this development. For those who do not know the Palm Jumeirah is a man made island that has created an influx of tourist from across the world to its shores. The island is home to aContinue reading “3 Things To Consider When Moving To The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai”

Episode #9 – How To Create More Sustainable Projects With Henry Gordon-Smith

How can we make the future that we all enjoy? How can we incorporate urban farms inside residential areas and act environmentally consciously when we construct these areas? In this new podcast episode, I had the opportunity to sit with Henry Gordon-Smith. He is the founder of a consulting company called Agritecture. In this companyContinue reading “Episode #9 – How To Create More Sustainable Projects With Henry Gordon-Smith”

Beginners Guide To Social Media Strategy 2021

Social media has changed over the years. It has turned into a way for you to not only connect with people but also a place where you can monetize your life and be successful just based on your image. As more mediums and more features continue to appear all over the internet we are constantlyContinue reading “Beginners Guide To Social Media Strategy 2021”

Podcast #4: Spanish Hostels

If you didn’t already know. I have a podcast that I update each week. This week I decided to divert from the first few by focusing on a country and a property that I feel will be experiencing a lot of changes! Take a look at my new podcast and let know what you thinkContinue reading “Podcast #4: Spanish Hostels”